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Airlines Northwest is excited to bring you to Punta Cana, another fascinating tourist destination in the Caribbean. Punta Cana is situated in La Altagracia, the easternmost portion of the Dominican Republic. The place is popular for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters and many numerous swaying trees.

Facing the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean, Punta Cana is home to many big resorts and Punta Cana hotels. With some marine ponds and shallow waters, the beaches promote safe swimming and bathing even for kids. Punta Cana visitors from all over the world can find great selection of Punta Cana accommodations spread in the place. For your Punta Cana vacation, book your Punta Cana hotels in advance especially during peak seasons. Early reservation of your Punta Cana hotel here in Airlines Northwest can get you huge discounts!

Famous attractions in Punta Cana include the Basilica Catholic Monument, Dolphin Island, Marinarium, Punta Cana Ecological Reserve, Manati Park, Santo Domingo World Heritage Site and wilderness safari excursions. Popular Punta Cana tourism activities include catamaran cruising, golfing, boating and water sports like parasailing and diving in the nearby Saona Island. So, aside from relaxing on its beautiful beaches, tourists have a lot of activities to do for a most memorable Punta Cana vacation.

During your Punta Cana travel you may bring along your kids for an amazing Caribbean family bonding. Several Punta Cana resorts have spas, kids’ pool, fitness center and great choices for dining. Punta Cana is also a perfect destination for couples’ romantic vacation. Serving this famous holiday destination is the Punta Cana International Airport, the busiest airport in the Dominican Republic. Many hotels are located 15 to 30 minutes from this airport. With many flights from the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the airport is the most connected airport in the area boosting Punta Cana tourism.

Punta Cana abounds with fine dining restaurants as well as budget restaurants offering inexpensive but tasty Caribbean cuisine to guests. International foods are available in some restaurants. Many visitors are attracted to the vibrant night life of Punta Cana offered by many disco joints, bars and restaurants. Dancing to the tune of lively music like Merengue starts just before midnight. Airlines Northwest, your Punta Cana travel specialist with fantastic offers like Punta Cana air travel deals, Punta Cana all inclusive vacation deals and many more exciting travel deals.