North America

Niagara Falls

North America -The magnetic “New World”

From Alaska to Canada, the USA, and Mexico, this promising land evolves immense natural beauty, rapid development, and financial growth. It’s a home, sometimes a shelter, of all the races of the world; it’s the Neverland of every dream.


Alaska region is one of the most distant destinations globally; it leaves travelers speechless with its incomparable beauty. Vast unreal landscapes with glaciers, fjords, and wildlife define the Alaskan experience. A giant half-ton food-hungry bear is a common sight on Admiralty Island, opposite Juno, the picturesque capital. The city’s cruise will allow you to admire whales, bald eagles, seals, and sea lions in their natural habitat. Juno is ideal for hiking in some of Alaska’s most scenic areas, such as the glacier in the Mendenhall Valley or Glacier Bay National Park center. Be sure to spend a few hours in the village of Tenakee, as it has been attracting crowds since 1800 for its hot springs and relaxed lifestyle. A fantastic spectacle awaits those who visit the islands by boat at the state’s southeastern tip, following the route Inside Passage. A stop is required in Petersburg, the city founded in 1897 by the Norwegian Peter Buschmann. Her style has strong influences from its founder’s birthplace, while the locals are amiable and will tell you interesting stories. It is inevitable to pass through Anchorage, the most populous city in Alaska because it offers all the comforts of an American metropolis. At the same time, it is very close to some of its most incredible natural beauties, such as Chugach Park.

Toronto, Canada

The most famous modern architects have set out to build the city of the future in Toronto, a “New York of the North” more humane, less chaotic, even more futuristic. Travel with Aegean to Toronto, Canada’s largest city on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Lots of greenery, theaters, and galleries on the Harbourfront’s waterfront, skyscrapers reflecting light, make up the metropolitan utopia puzzle that is becoming a reality here.

Enter the glass gallery of Brookfield Place in Santiago Calatrava, inspired by Canada’s pine forests, wander through the architectural marvel of the Ontario Gallery by Frank O. Gehry. Stroll to Bloor St. West, Toronto’s response to Manhattan Fifth Avenue. Dodge the Theater District, with theatrical scenes competing with Broadway.

The “meeting place” was called “Toronto” by the native Indians, and they were not wrong since, in this multiculti Babel, the most multi-cultural city in the world, according to the U.N., a hundred languages and dialects are spoken.

Montreal, Canada

A charming potpourri of French culture and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a modern metropolis, against the backdrop of Quebec’s unspoiled landscapes, Canada’s second-largest city after Toronto, carries the European aura to the heart of North America.

The Canadian metropolis is an island where the Ottawa River and the St. Lawrence River flow on their journey to the Atlantic. Among the downtown skyscrapers are Mont Royale Hill, an urban green oasis with the impressive dome of St. Joseph’s Church dominating the city skyline. Stroll through Vieux Montreal’s cobbled streets with the retro scent of other eras and come for a walk on the beautifully landscaped waterfront in the old port. Ride endless hours by bike or snowshoe, feel like you are in Paris in the Montreal Latin Quarter, explore ethnic neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Little Italy.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls stands between the United States and Canada, and they are the international border between New York and Ontario. They have a horseshoe shape formed by the Niagara River in North America, which connects Lakes Erie and Ontario.

Enjoy the walk around the Falls; it will be one of the most unique of your life until you reach them by boat. As you approach, you will feel the water coming at you like a storm—worth living it. Besides a boat ride to the waterfalls, there are walking trails, interactive exhibits, and award-winning wineries in the area.

New York, NY

Impressive New York is an excellent center of information, culture, food, art, research. World-class museums, famous art galleries, the cream of theater and cinema, the economy and trade, and a center of international financial markets, not just for the United States but worldwide. It is undoubtedly one of the most important and influential cities in the world.

New York of an exaggeration, innovation, and temptation is a city that never sleeps. Dizzying rhythms of everyday life, endless proposals for fun and entertainment, countless museums, varied markets, and an incredible creative orgasm at all levels of cultural and professional life compose the identity of a highly dynamic city.

Combine enjoyable walks and shopping -don’t neglect the 5th Avenue and Central Park, with visits to the city’s superb museums. Try burgers & great cupcakes, watch musicals & jazz nights, fly by helicopter over Manhattan, take a cruise to Elis Island.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is sometimes the forgotten middle child of famous Eastern cities such as Washington and New York. However, the town’s restructuring, which began 27 years ago with the port’s reconstruction, gave tourists a reason to visit it. Nevertheless, the city has other attractions such as exquisite seafood restaurants, colonial history, unusual waterfronts. But Baltimore’s renaissance was accompanied by the emergence of modern restaurants with innovative cuisine, independent theaters, and contemporary art galleries. In other words, Baltimore is a big city with the mentality of a town.

Philadelphia (Philly), Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is the ideal destination for a lightning trip as it is only two hours away from New York. The city of Philadelphia is part of the state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. You can also meet it with the name Philly, meaning city of brotherly love.

Philadelphia is one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United States and is the largest city in Pennsylvania. The historical center, the boulevards, and the parks you meet offer you a unique experience. We would say that Philadelphia has the aura of a typical urban city. In other words, a city that never calms down. Intense life with noise in its streets and alleys.

Chicago, Illinois

This magnificent city of the U.S., built on Lake Michigan’s shores, on the homonymous river, is the cinema’s birthplace. Don’t forget to meet the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue. Over the years, Chicago developed and experienced many glories, and Al Capone leading the great crime. Now the city is a center of trade, science, and new architectural trends in the U.S. and worldwide. The 21st century finds it a special place in economics, music (Chicago blues and Jazz festivals), conference tourism, sports, and of course, literature.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a lakeside and seaside city in the U.S. As a quiet power on the U.S. West Coast, the city of 700,000 people was transformed from a timber hub into a trading post during the “gold rush” and “took off” with the arrival of Boeing, which still maintains its industrial facilities there. Microsoft’s heart is there, with more than 120 buildings and thousands of employees bringing life to its suburbs. Amazon is growing Downtown, Cosco in the port, the Starbucks chain started there, and new residents are continually arriving at the famous Pike Market. The small American city was the center of jazz music and the starting point for Ray Charles and Quincy Jones, the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix. Curt Cobain and the Nirvana strolled on the docks, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden tried their music there for the first time.

San Francisco, California

It is considered one of America’s most recognizable and fascinating cities and one of the most popular travel destinations. Nowadays, it is an important economic and cultural center. San Francisco started as a small town and overgrew due to the gold rush in the city. The city is now known for its cosmopolitan air, countless skyscrapers, cable cars, and its character’s bright unconventional side.

Its most famous image may be the Golden Gate Bridge, but only in its neighborhoods will you discover its unique spirit and rich history.

At the Nob Hill, some of the buildings were designed by the first female graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Paris, the famous American architect Julia Morgan. In the Tenderloin neighborhood, some of the Prohibition era’s illegal bars, known as “speakeasies,” have been revived. Visit them and try the drinks that were invented illegally to keep the guests happy. In the same neighborhood stands the historic Great American Music Hall, a brilliant example of the city’s old architecture, and the Luggage Store, one of the most interesting contemporary art venues.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The proud city of the American South knows how to party and survive. Even her carnival has its own rules.

It is often referred to as “the northernmost city in the Caribbean,” with its relaxed atmosphere and extroverted population. Along the “Great River,” as the Mississippi is called, it was founded in 1718 by the Canadian Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville as a colony of New France and associated its name with steamships, the slave trade, and jazz. With its iconic Jackson Square and the majestic buildings surrounding it, the old French Quarter was fortunate to remain untouched by the typhoon of 2005. There is also the bustling French Market and many of New Orleans’ most exciting museums, such as the Conti Historical Wax Museum or the Historic Voodoo Museum (dedicated to voodoo). However, the city’s rich history is nowhere better captured on the streets of the French Quarter. As jazz musician Ellis Marsalis once said: “In New Orleans, culture flows from the streets.” Parallel to Bourbon Street, the equally famous Royal Street will amaze you with its magnificent antiques and galleries, which have ranked it among the world’s most expensive places. Also of great interest are the art galleries, shops, cafes, and restaurants of Magazine Street, which runs through many New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods, such as the Garden District, an equal “rival” of the French Quarter.

Miami, Florida

Miami is located on the southeast coast of the Florida peninsula on the Atlantic coast. The “Mecca of the Sunny State of America” is an attractive destination, mostly known through cinema and television – scenes from “Miami Vice,” “Marked” with Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer, or “CSI Miami.” The warm breeze, the palm trees, the fine white sand, the turquoise waters, and the waves’ sound fading on land are not the only elements that characterize the “American Riviera.”

Α trademark of the first fifty years of the short but comprehensive, and sometimes stormy, city history is the peculiar Art Deco architecture. We find it in South Miami Beach, in the famous Ocean Drive, and the surrounding streets. More than 500 buildings that have been classified as protected fascinate the visitor with their pastel colors and strange shapes. If one wants detailed information about each structure or its origin, there is a relevant reception center and museum.

This area – which is part of the greater Miami Beach – is the image that first comes to mind when we hear about Miami. She is familiar with countless Hollywood movies and flyers from travel agencies around the world. With its endless sandy beaches, adorned with coconut palms and all kinds of tropical vegetation, it welcomes locals and foreign visitors who enjoy the sun and the sea under the watchful eye of lifeguards with their well-groomed and sunburned bodysuits. 

Walt Disney World, Florida

Travel with Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and all of Walt Disney’s favorite heroes, travel, and have fun in the land of fantasy and dream, in the fairytale Disneyland of Orlando.

Mickey and Minnie’s magical world is the ultimate fantasy of every child and every adult’s hidden desire. Here, together with the favorite heroes of Walt Disney, in a happy and dreamy environment, you will live -you and your children- a unique experience with theatrical performances, adventurous games, and special screenings.

Of course, your trip to Disneyland can be combined with a visit and tour of NASA’s “Kennedy Space Center” at Cape Canaveral.

Los Angeles, California

The Hollywood sign is the trademark that oversees L.A. as another “god” from above! Identified by Hollywood, the city of Angels managed in two centuries to transform from a remote Spanish settlement in California into one of the largest and most famous cities in the world! Synonymous with rapid growth, film, and the star system industry, Los Angeles is a mixture of many different neighborhoods and cultures. From the overly touristic Hollywood to the scenery of Beverly Hills and from the heart of the Californian soul, which beats on the beach of Santa Monica, to the artistic Downtown, the city has a unique way of attracting visitors! Los Angeles, this outdoor movie scene, invites you on an unforgettable trip to the land of a spectacle! Don’t forget to visit Universal Studios – the multi-theme park for entertainment, film and television production- and of course the majestic Disneyland.

Las Vegas, Nevada

From the original 1960’s Ocean’s Eleven and Viva Las Vegas with Elvis Presley to Hangover, Nevada’s most populous city has been featured in several movies, always presenting a glamor, although fake, still excite tourists globally. 

“Everything that happens in Vegas remains in Vegas,” says the well-known famous quote. In other words, no matter how much time you spend playing “slots” in the casino, the news will not go out!

Go down the gleaming 6.8 km Vegas Avenue, known as “The Strip,” like Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone – glamorous mobsters of the famous “Casino” movie – and choose from glamorous pop star shows Lopez in Celine Dion) and spectacular attractions such as the Bellagio Hotel fountains and the Eiffel Tower.

Route 66 highway

You can no longer drive the more than 3000 km of the legendary Route 66 highway in its entirety. However, this archetypal American car trip still offers the great emotions that the eponymous multi-sung song erupted. The route leads through the “Land of Lincoln” in Chicago, the Art Deco monuments of Tulsa, the arty multi-cultural of Santa Fe. Also, to the spirituality Sedona, and Native Americans’ communities, and Santa Monica, California, with old motels and neon signs showing you the way.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Two hours from Las Vegas, in Arizona, stands the Grand Canyon, the Unesco World Heritage Site. The Colorado River formed the gorge.

The Indians manage many things in the Grand Canyon, as they are the area’s principal inhabitants. You can explore it by helicopter, by plane and on foot on the skywalk! A glass corridor at the height of 1,200 meters above the ground that takes your breath away in the magical and deserted landscape of the Grand Canyon!

Yellowstone Park, Wyoming

Although 96% of its area is located in Wyoming, Yellowstone extends further to Montana and Idaho. The park has five different entrances, each leading you to seductive landscapes. The North Entrance, in Montana, is the one that will bring you face to face with Mammoth Hot Springs, the hot springs of limestone.

To see the geysers’ lunar spectacle, however, start your excursion from the West Entrance. The most impressive among them is the Grand Prismatic Spring, with a depth of ten levels and a diameter larger than a football field. Its unique palette of yellow, orange and green shades is due to the thermophilic bacteria that live inside it. 


Mexico is often considered Latin America. Is not. On the foot that connects them, North and South America is a vast country with tremendous contrasts. Spanish cities, colonial Indian villages, and towns, Maya, Aztecs, and conquistadors. Mexico is a mixture of distinction and charm together, in a fascinating journey full of color and history.

Why visiting Mexico? Because you will get to know the Mayan land, the ancient cities of the Aztecs (UNESCO World Heritage Sites), you will swim in the Caribbean’s turquoise waters, and you will get to know fascinating colonial towns, and see endless beaches. After all, you will “wander” in the jungle (for the most daring), in gorges and archeological sites. After all, you will visit top tourist resorts like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Playa del Carmen, and you will try one of the most popular cuisines in the world because you will drink tequila at its source!

Mexico City

The city stands on the old Aztec capital, Tenochtitlán. With its vast baroque buildings, the historic center, wide squares, pedestrian streets, and cathedrals could be part of a European capital. All the central courts in Mexico are called zócalo. Mexico City is the heart of the city: on one side is the cathedral, on the other the Parliament building, housed in the palace of Hernan Cortes, the Spanish conqueror of Mexico and the toughest conquistador.

Mexico City is also a great gastronomic destination: The famous La Merced at the eastern end of its historic center is one of America’s largest open-air food markets, with street food stalls, creative restaurants, and eateries and taverns on every corner. 

Don’t forget to taste pulque (agave drink with low alcohol and fruit flavors) and mezcal (local alcoholic beverage also with agave), and tequila.

Chiapas Region

If you do not go to Chiapas province, you will not know what the real Mexico is. Mountainous, rebellious, wildland. Oaxaca (470 km from Mexico City) is artistic and carefree, with a liveliness that grabs you by the throat. Its cobbled and low houses – in shades of bright blue, crimson, and ocher – take you directly to the 16th century. Monasteries and mansions have become museums, modern paintings, golden churches, and infinite bars with live, gourmet restaurants and botanical gardens. Here is the heart of the Mayan country, or the Zapatistas, if you like. Chiapas Province has the most extensive Mayan population and much military police even today. Whatever the weather, people are on the street, cafes are full, bands are playing everywhere, and all of Mexico’s colorful production of tourist items – embroidered shirts, blankets, ponchos, scarves, wicker items – is sold in the squares until at 3 in the morning.