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Greece is one of the most exciting countries on the planet. It is a land of mysteries, mythologies, tales of man's ancient past and the immense developments it has garnered over the last three millenniums. Greece is a country where no-one is in a hurry and the sun warms you from early in the morning to the glorious sunset.  It is known for having had a thriving economy, magnificent beaches, some truly world class Greece hotels and an unparalleled hospitality to offer, since graduating to be a modern European state. It's a place to enjoy freshly caught fish and local wine by the water's edge, as the local Orthodox priest chats with villagers while cats rub against your legs looking for tit-bits. Travelers flock its landscape, as a result, to listen to its 3000 years old account and be a witness of its past glory. However, there are many other activities apart from visiting the archaeological sites that one should consider undertaking while being in Greece.

Camping, hiking and trekking across scenic islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Tinos and Naxos is a popular activity in Greece these days. Steep rocks and natural environment make these trekking expeditions fun and excitement. Greece has a wide range of activities and areas that one can explore to achieve an unforgettable vacationing experience. Among the most outstanding features found in Greece are its Historical sites. Like- Temple of Zeus, located in Olympia, the Temple of Zeus was built to house the famed Statue of Zeus (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World). Panathenaic Stadium is completely made of white marble and can hold almost 50,000 people, it is the home of the first modern Olympics games in 1896. Pan-Athenian Stadium. You can visit Acropolis of Athens, which is a flat-topped rock that rises almost 500 ft above sea level that many legendary temples are built upon including the Erechtheion and the Parthenon. Visit Corinth Canal, 4 mile long, man-made canal connects the Aegean with the Ionian Sea and was narrowly built in the 1890s. Asclepeion in Epidaurus - An Asclepeion is a healing temple sacred to the god Asclepius who is thought to be Apollo's son. One of the largest and most celebrated Asclepeions was located just outside of the town of Epidaurus. Don’t miss the Mycenae, Mystras, Athen's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Meteora, Delos etc.

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