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Canada is one of the largest growing countries in the world. Whenever people talk about a multi cultural country, Canada comes first. One of the important provinces of this country is Ontario and Toronto is the capital of it. Toronto has a lot of things to offer in terms of Cityscape, Sports, Tourism, Education and so on. The museum, science center, shopping mall, Zoo is popular all over the world. The climate is quite terrible during the winter season.

Toronto has some of the best hotels with all the modern facilities. The downtown hotels are costlier. The city is the major financial center in Canada and thus there is no lack of luxury. The tourists have the options to choose the suitable one from wide ranges of hotels in terms of cost and facilities. As there are some luxurious hotels for businessmen and international conferences, there are small boutiques hotels making sure you survive within budget. The Toronto hotels offer spa, gym, swimming, fitness center and city view with decent rent. The Airlines Northwest has the collection of different types of hotels you can select from.

The transportation system is excellent in Toronto. You can either choose Train or Bus. They will make you reach your destination in quietest possible time. But what if you want to ride a car yourself? There is nothing to worry about as the city has some of the rental company who offers reservation in advance. Toronto car rental service is hassle free and can get you on the road with no time. Even during your stay in home country, you can book for a car and whenever you will be available physically, they will provide the car within few minutes. Most of the service offers some kind of discounts which will save some money. They understand tourists are there to explore the city and try their best to help them. At the same time, you can obviously peep on Airlines Northwest for the latest package available to grab.

The Downtown Toronto hotels or airport hotels may have some packages especially for tourists. It is always beneficial to take them to save some money and use it for some other causes. The Toronto car rental service will let you know about this cosmopolitan city more than by any other transportation system. It is high time you to decide and make a happy trip in Toronto.