Every traveler who wishes to visit Europe always includes Norway in their favorite list. Famous for its breathtaking Norwegian fjords, snow-laden trees, and perfect mountains, Norway is the snow country of your travel dreams. But there’s more to Norway than just these. Below you’ll find a selection of the best spot in Norway. Check them out and get ready to plan your next trip!

The Atlanterhavsvein (The Altantic Road)  

best spot in Norway - The Atlanterhavsvein

Experience the best road trip of your life in Norway’s Altlanterhavsvwein, also known as Atlantic Road. This 5.2 miles long and gorgeous road-bridge connects mainland Norway to the island of Averøya. 

Built during the 1980s to connect a series of the island, today it is a popular scenic route for all travelers. It is also one of Norway’s most visited tourist spots. Aside from driving and sight-seeing, you can also go fishing on the bridge. From here you can also go to the ancient Kvernes Stave Church.  


best spot in Norway - Bergen

Norway’s second-largest city Bergen is once the largest city in all Nordic countries. A historical region filled with wooden buildings and its famous crooked wharf, Bergen is now a UNESCO protected site. 

Often considered the most famous and best spot in Norway,  Bergen’scolorful facade is a sight for sore eyes. Its picturesque wooden structure represents Bergen’s cultural heritage. Here you’ll find exciting small museums, cafes, and restaurants. For years, the ara has been a focal point for locals and tourists. 

Ishavskatedralen (The Arctic Cathedral) 

best spot in Norway - Ishavskatedralen

Created by the famous Norwegian architect Jan Inge Hovig, this cathedral is one of the most beautiful architecture in the country. From the outside, the structure looks like a massive block of ice. While the inside has lots of sparkling mosaics. Its facade is made of glass and marked with a large crucifix. During winter, the cathedral would light up making it even grand under the night. 

Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) 

best spot in Norway - Preikestolen

See all of Norway at the top of Pulpit Rock. This amazing viewing platform is a must-see for visitors traveling to Norway. What makes Pulpit Rock amazing is its nearly flat shelf in a square shape which measures around 25 x 25 meters. 

You can reach Pulpit rock after a 4-5 hour hike usually depending on your fitness and skill. The ledge is extremely high and can be dangerous in windy weather. Today, Pulpit rock is a great tourist area. There’s now a modern mountain lodge with a parking lot. The hiking trail has also been improved for safety.  

Juvet Landscape Hotel 

best spot in Norway - Juvet Landscape Hotel

Known as Europe’s first landscape hotel, the Juvet Landscape Hotel is another exciting tourist destination in Norway. Designed by wooden designer Jensen & Skovdin, the modern Norwegian hotel is located on a steep hill above the Valldøla River. 

What’s amazing about this place is the way it blends into its landscape. The hotel is shaped like a cube and blends perfectly into its landscape. Here you’ll get a chance to stay at uniquely crafted rooms with giant walls of glass.  

Staying here is a treat for nature lovers as they can see natural surroundings day and night. You can also enjoy rooms with a sauna and hot tubs with a gorgeous view over the river. Juvet is 90 minutes drive from the city of Alesund. Book a room here and enjoy a week in this peaceful paradise hotel. 

Quality Spa & Resort Norefjell, Noresund

best spot in Norway - Quality Spa & Resort Norefjell, Noresund

Visit the best spot in Norway to relax and unwind: Norway’s best spa resort, The Quality Resort & Spa Norefjell. Located in Norefjell surrounded by stunning snowy mountains, this resort offers a wide variety of leisure activities for visitors to enjoy. 

The resort is located on the right of ski slopes where you can spend all day skiing and heading back to the resort to enjoy hot food and beverages. They also have a Jacuzzi, footbath, ice shower,  pool, and a variety of spa treatments. Norejfell is approximately a 1.5-hour drive from Oslo. 


best spot in Norway - Geirangerfjord

Part of the massive Fjord Norway Network, this fjord is considered one of the most gorgeous fjords in the world. This Norwegian fjord is 25- meters deep and 15 kilometers long. It is currently Norway’s most popular natural attraction. 

Filled with breathtaking nature views and dramatic mountains, the fjord is a must-see spot in Norway. The Norwegian Fjord is known for its northern part in Alesund where it ices during winter.  The peaks are scalable and if you want to try a good hike you can go to the Dalsnibaa summit which stands at 4,905 feet. Geirangerfjord is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site.