Singapore has one of the most amazing cities in the world known for its unique blend of Asian and European influences. Since it became a British trading colony in 1819, Singapore has become one of the world’s busiest ports and most affluent countries. 

Heading to Singapore soon? Check out this list of things to do while you’re in the beautiful Lion City. From experiencing the gorgeous luxurious city to experiencing the idyllic island life, there’s so much to see and do here.

Visit The Marina Bay Sands

A famous resort in the Downtown Core district, Marina Bay Sands is one of the best travel destinations in Singapore. Marina Bay is the most towering and most expensive resort when it opened back in 2010. It has 55-stories and is said to have cost around $5.7 billion upon completion.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay is also the go-to place if you’d like to spend your vacation in five-star hotels and restaurants. This grand resort has an endless collection of shops, extravagant Singapore hotels, and convention centers. It’s also home to the world’s largest infinity pool and atrium casino. Currently, Marina Bay Sands ranks first as the world’s most expensive casino property. Seeing Marina Bay for the first time will blow you away with its grandiosity and modern architecture. 

Take a Walk At Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by The Bay is by far the most popular garden and travel destination in Singapore. Known for its extraordinary landscaping, Gardens by the Bay features 18 vertical gardens that reach a height of up to 16 stories. It’s also where you’ll find conservatory domes such as the Marina Barrage and the OCBC Skywalk.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay has picture-perfect landscaping and different floral attractions that are a hit among tourists. It’s the best place to spend your day if you want to enjoy nature and see exotic flowers. You can go here to take a walk with your partner, family, or coworkers. It’s also a nice place to take some photos for your Instagram profile. Gardens by the way look ethereal during daylight but it’s even more magical after sunset when all the lights are lit!  

Visit The National Museum of Singapore

Marvel at the beauty of the Lion City’s largest museum: the National Museum of Singapore. This museum is the nation’s oldest museum which has been founded in 1849. Here you can find different exhibitions on food, fashion, film, and photography. You’ll also learn more about the rich Singapore island history with artifacts dating as far back as the 13th century. One of its most precious artifacts is the Singapore Stone. A large sandstone slab that originally stood at the mouth of the Singapore River. The stone is said to date back as early as the 13th century and has an undeciphered inscription. Theories suggest that the stone had either writing in Sanskrit or Brahmi-Tamil. Historians believe it was from the long-gone Majapahit civilization. 

The National Museum of Singapore is free for all their Citizens and permanent residents. It’s currently one of the four national museums in the country.  

Visit Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you’re visiting on a limited budget, here’s one place we highly recommend: Singapore Botanic Gardens. This floral paradise offers a free tour for all visitors. The only section that requires an entrance fee is its Orchid garden, the rest is free for public viewing. 

In the garden, you’ll find 60,000 different kinds of plants and animals. Here you’ll find a variety of tropical and jungle creatures including monitor lizards. First opening in 1859, Singapore Botanic Garden is the oldest park and complex in the city-state. Currently, it is recognized as the world’s best orchid research and breeding center. 

Explore The Singapore Zoo

Known as the world’s best rain forest zoo, the Singapore Zoo is a premier travel destination in Singapore. It houses all kinds of zoo animals from orangutans, zebras to the big Komodo dragon and white tigers. There are also many things you can do at the zoo. From having breakfast with orangutans to seeing animals roam free in their habitat, a day trip isn’t enough to explore the huge zoo. It’s currently one of the best and most popular zoos in the region. So, if you want to spend a fun family day in the Lion City, Singapore Zoo is the best place to be. 

Get A Good View of Singapore on the Singapore Flyer

Much like the amazing Eye of London, Singapore also has its own giant observation tower called “The Singapore Flyer”. Go here to enjoy a  stunning 360-degree view of the beautiful modern city below. Or just take a photo with Asia’s largest giant observation wheel. Many tourists say that Singapore Flyer is best experienced at dusk where many iconic attractions lit up spectacularly at night. It’s also one of the most romantic places to propose to your sweetheart while in the country. 

Lazarus Island

If you want to go somewhere more natural and relaxing, visit Singapore’s best-kept secret: The Lazarus Island. Located in the south of mainland, Lazarus Island is the summer destination of Singapore. Come here to swim, soak and play, or simply enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters.


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