Zermatt Preferred Over Nearly 200 Other Ski Destinations

Anybody who has a passion for skiing has likely heard of Zermatt, and many ski enthusiasts long to ski the Swiss Alps in Zermatt, but there are also thousands of ski aficionados that actually do ski Zermatt and the Matterhorn as well.  In fact, Zermatt sees so many visitors on an annual basis that has even been deemed the preferred ski resort town over nearly 200 others by one ski guide magazine. 

The ski resort town of Zermatt simply has so much to offer those that go there with skiing in mind.  And it isn’t just about the wide variety of great restaurants, the extensive choice in five-star Zermatt hotels, and the picturesque Swiss village feel that is in the town, although all of those things do help for sure, but it is about the actual skiing as well.

When ski enthusiasts decide to visit a ski resort town they do so with very specific expectations in mind, particularly in regards to the slopes.  Skiers want variety, they want challenges, and they want breathtaking views to go with it.  They also want plenty of amenities regarding the actual skiing portion of their trip as well.  A ski resort town that has plenty of rental and gear shops, enough ski lifts, and plenty of ground to cover is always going to be the ski resort to get the biggest crowds.  Zermatt has all of this and that is why the ski resort town is preferred over nearly 200 others.

The designation that Zermatt received as the “Top Ski Area in 2013” by the ADAC Ski Guide is a result of a vote that decided that no other Alpine ski resort in the list of 200 could top the Alpine skiing in Zermatt Switzerland.  Some of the factors that were cited as attributing to that designation include the fact that the Swiss Alps in Zermatt are characterized by a wide variety of different pistes, the highest cable car station in the Swiss portion of the Alps is located in Zermatt, and the backdrop is the most breathtaking.  What ski enthusiast wouldn’t want to enjoy all that Zermatt has to offer?

There are many beautiful ski resort towns throughout the world, but Zermatt is a one of a kind experience.  Thousands of ski lovers have already discovered Zermatt and there is no better time for it to be your turn.

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