Your New Nook – Steamboat Springs

Steamboat SpringsEveryone has their own little nook in the world, a place they connect with.  If they have not made this nook their home, it is their home away from home.  At first visit, it might have been a new destination, but it never felt foreign.  It is the last resort, yet not, if they cannot figure what to do for vacation.  There is one place you must visit if you have not yet, that will sure fit into that nook, that warm corner in your heart of a special place, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

A few years ago, I sort of stumbled on the place, working at a hunting ranch for a season and one of the guides had a place there.  I needed a pit stop from life and he offered a room to rent.  It was early November when I arrived.  I had never seen so much snow in all my life.  I had lived in Colorado for about three years at that point and wondered what I had been missing out on!

Steamboat is a skier’s, snowboarder’s, biker’s—well, pretty much all enthusiasts-of-the-outdoor’s—paradise.  All.  Year.  Long.  Fly into Denver International Airport.  You can get a transfer to Hayden Airport or you can drive.  It is only about three hours, and the drive is spectacular if you do not mind a little road trip.  It will take you through some of the most remote places on your way to northwest Colorado.  Then you arrive in Steamboat.  Heading over Rabbit Ear’s Pass you come up on the valley and look below.  You can see the entire town, the entire two-mile length of it.  Make sure you have your sunglasses on.  The white snow and blue skies are amazing, but the combination is blinding, even if refreshingly so.  It is a spectacular view that will get your heart pumping and your outdoor adrenaline running as you look off to the ski mountain and straight ahead towards the west at the mountain referred to as ‘Sleeping Giant’.

Steamboat Springs is known for its ‘champagne powder’, as ‘Ski-Town USA’.  It lives up to its name.  The town is small, inhabited year round by only about three-thousand, but come wintertime that can triple.  Snow enthusiasts travel from all over the world to gather here.  Even if you do not live here full-time, the friendly people will make you feel as if this is your home town.  Off the ski slopes you will find plenty of great watering holes to get a great beer or your favorite cocktail and a bite to eat after a few runs down the mountain.  Mountainside, check out Slopeside Grill for some great brick oven pizza.  If you are looking for a good brew, check out Mahogany Ridge Brewery & Grill.  They have got some awesome and innovative food, and Charlie, the brew-master has always got some seasonal favorite on tap.  If you are looking to spoil yourself and enjoy the best of Steamboat, head to Café Diva, back up mountainside.   If you do not know where to go, all you have to do is ask a local and they will tell you the best places to go.  There is nothing like something familiar to make you feel at home.  It is a little out of the way, but most nooks are.  Put this on your destination list for this winter if a ski vacation is in your plans.

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