World Cup 2014 Basics

World Cup 2014If you’re not familiar with the World Cup competition, it’s time to take a few minutes to learn some of the basics.  The World Cup is held every four years and it’s a competition between the best soccer (football) teams in the world.  It’s the world’s most widely viewed sporting event, and the matches are televised in almost every country.  Just as an example, more than 715 million sports fans watched the final World Cup match in 2006.  The World Cup is rich in history and always features exciting competition.

The current format of the World Cup involves 32 teams (each one representing a country) vying for the championship.  Each of those 32 teams has survived a qualification phase that occurred over the last 3 years.  Lesser teams are eliminated during the qualifying rounds; the survivors are seeded into 8 groups of 4 and go on to compete in the World Cup itself.  Each group of four plays a round-robin tournament, and the top two teams from each group advance into a knockout round.  The two teams still standing after the knockout round play each other in the World Cup final.

The matches for World Cup 2014 will be held in 12 different cities in Brazil, and the sporting world is ablaze with excitement.   Brazil (the host country for World Cup 2014) has won the most titles over the tournament’s history, so that just adds to the excitement.  Soccer/football fans from throughout the world will be traveling to Brazil to watch the matches in person.

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