What to see at Sea World Orlando

If you are planning a summer vacation to Orlando, hopefully you have already used Airlines Northwest to find cheap airline tickets, locate hotel deals and book your car rentals.  Once this is done, you can start planning your Orlando vacation itinerary.  As part of your plans, you do not want to miss Sea World.  Sea World Orlando has been a popular tourist attraction in Orlando since it was opened in 1973.  Part thrilling amusement park and part fascinating marine zoological park, Sea World in Orlando is a favorite for kids, and adults, of all ages.  When planning you trip to Sea World, you will not want to miss seeing these popular Sea World attractions.

1.        Shamu – A trip to Sea World is not complete unless you see Shamu.  SeaWorld cares for the largest killer whale population in the world and Shamu has become to be synonymous with SeaWorld.  Do not miss the show – the splash zone is great for the kids but adults may not like getting wet.  Consider the Dine with Shamu option where you can go backstage for a closer look at the famous killer while enjoying a great dinner poolside.

2.        Blue Horizons – This theatrical show combines dolphins, tropical birds and acrobats in a spectacular show that is thrilling and mesmerizing.  You want to get to the stadium at least 30 minutes in advance of the show time as this is probably the second most popular attraction at SeaWorld (next to Shamu) and seating fills up quickly.

3.        Wild Arctic Ride – This ride is part thrilling flight simulator and part arctic expedition.  You will “fly” over the frozen landscapes as you witness breathtaking views on your way to Base Station Wild Arctic.

4.        Base Station Wild Arctic – Here you can explore the world of Arctic animals.  Get up close with polar bears, walruses and beluga whales. Learn about these marvelous and fascinating creatures and get an up close view of them as the play in recreations of their natural environments.

5.        The Kraken – This is for the adventurous visitors to SeaWorld.  The Kraken roller coaster is based on the ancient tales of sailors of the mystical sea beast that terrorized the seas.  The Kraken will take riders high into the air then plunge them back down toward the ground all without the benefit of a floor for their feet.  Dangling high above SeaWorld, riders will feel as if they have been plucked from a ship by the mythological beast and hurled through the air.

These are only a small fraction of the rides, shows, exhibits and attractions at Orlando’s SeaWorld.  Plan at least a full day (if not two) in order to see everything that the park has to offer.

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