U.S. Transportation Security Administration allows new carry-on items

Anyone who has tried to fly since 9/11 knows that the TSA has a lengthy list of items that are prohibited from carry-on bags in addition to the list of items that are prohibited in checked luggage.  A decade later, the TSA is revising its list of prohibited carry-on items to comply with international rules.  It will also speed the service at U.S. checkpoints. 

Up until this month, officials at U.S. checkpoints were required to confiscate the items, which slowed the entire process down because the items were allowed on other flights but not U.S. flights. The process of screening passengers is very time consuming and increases the waiting time for all passengers passing through screening lines. For example, oversees passengers will no longer be required to check knives as they pass through the U.S., provided the knives meet the new TSA guidelines for carry-on items. Passengers will still not be allowed to carry box cutters or razor blades; however, knives with retractable blades that are shorter than six centimeters and no wider than ½ inch will be permitted in carry-on bags.  Knives with locking blades and molded handles will still be prohibited on flights.

Some sports equipment will now be allowed on airplanes.  Lacrosse sticks, ski poles, hockey sticks and pool sticks will now be allowed as carry-on items.  Passengers may carry-on up to two golf clubs after the new rules take effect.  Under the new rules, souvenir or novelty baseball bats that are less than 24 inches long will be allowed as well as lightweight, plastic bats that are no more than two feet in length.

The new rules are not without opposition as those opposed to the new carry-on items argue that they still pose a threat to passengers and relaxing the rules to allow these items will only put the pilots, attendants and passengers in danger.  Proponents of the new rules argue that the items do not pose a significant risk to anyone on the plane and that the rules need to be changed to confirm with international rules.  The new rules take effect on April 25, 2013.  The decision to allow a carry-on item will remain with the TSA official conducting the inspection.

For a detailed list of the items that are still prohibited as carry-on items on US flights, as well as a list of the items that are allowed as carry-on items, you can visit the Transportation Security Administration’s website.

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  1. sophie says:

    I hope that they continue to check for terrorist activities however I also hope that they do something to shorten the lines at airlines. The last time that I flew I had to throw away several tiems that could not be taken on the airplane (soap, shampoo, etc) becuse they exceeded the limit. It was a waste of my money and my time not to mention frustrating.

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