Three Things You Might Not Know About Booking a Flight

Flying is less expensive, safer, and more enjoyable today than it ever has been before, and finding low cost airline tickets is fairly simple, but there are specific factors that affect the price of flying even more.  There are numerous airlines out there competing for your business, and each of them comes up with specific ways to offer you deals, in hopes of getting your business.  But there are also a few general tips to keep in mind that affect the prices of pretty much all airline tickets, and if you keep these tips in mind every time you book a flight you will pay much less for your airline tickets when you travel.  There are three things in particular that you might not know about booking a flight that can save you a significant amount of money.

Travel Dates Matter – The actual dates that you travel make a big difference in the cost of your airline tickets.  This is because there are certain dates, such as holidays for one thing, that are busier and more expensive to travel on.  During the summer months certain destinations are more popular and, due to supply and demand, are as a result more costly to visit, and to get to.  And there are certain destinations that are more popular during the winter and more expensive to travel to during that time.  It pays to know when the busy seasons and the off-seasons are so that you can save money on your travel plans.

Booking Early is Cheaper – Although some great last-minute deals can be found every now and then, it is the general rule that booking earlier will result in lower cost airline tickets.  By booking at least a couple of weeks earlier you are likely to spend considerably less money, not to mention you will feel better knowing that your travel plans are all set in place well before you plan to travel.  You should check multiple airlines, as different airlines offer different deals for early booking, and you want to save as much money as possible so that you can spend more when you get to where you’re going.

Length of Stay Plays a Role in Price – You may not know this, and it may be hard to believe, but the length of time that you stay somewhere plays a role in the price of your airline tickets as well.  Travelers who spend more than a few days, but rather at least a week, in their destinations tend to pay considerably less than more short-term travelers.  Those that arrive at their destination during the week, and then depart the following week, save a significant amount of money, so if you are able to extend your stay a couple of extra days you will save money.  The extra money makes up for the extra days that you will need accommodations, so you can make your vacation or visit longer and not feel guilty about it.

Airline tickets are cheaper these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save more money.  Follow these tips and you will be surprised at just how cheap flying can be.

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