Three Reasons to Visit Malta

Malta is a beautiful place to visit, regardless of which of the islands you decide to stay on.  The scenery is amazing, the atmosphere relaxing, and the best Malta hotels, that airlines northwest can help you find, offer exceptional amenities.  But in order to really enjoy Malta you must go beyond what you can see and feel, and enjoy the islands for what they are truly worth.  And if anyone was to ask why they should visit Malta, I would have to say that there is not one, or two, but three main reasons.

Three Reasons to Visit Malta

Although there are many reasons to visit Malta, there are three in particular that bring many visitors here.  Whatever your reasons for visiting, it will only make your stay better if you enjoy these three things too.

1.    Malta Cuisine – One of the best reasons to visit Malta is by far the local cuisine, and since you have to eat during your stay anyway you might as well know where to find the best of the best and what to expect.  In general you can expect dishes to have a Mediterranean flair, and you can expect to see the various types of local seafood everywhere.  A few great places to try include Blue Creek Restaurant, Ciappetti, Café Portomaso, Del Borgo, Sugu, and La Dolce Vita.  Although these are great restaurants to try, though, you should not be afraid to explore.

2.    Malta History – Malta’s history is a great reason to visit as well, considering its history dates back farther than most visitors can even imagine.  For approximately 7000 years Malta has been building its legacy, and today it is one of people’s biggest reasons for visiting.  There are enough historical sites on the island to keep any visitor busy for days.  Some of the must-sees include Manoel Theatre, the many Roman Villas, and the ancient temples throughout the islands that are open to sightseeing.

3.    Malta Diving – Finally, Malta is a great place to go diving as well, as diving is particularly special when you do it in the Mediterranean Sea.  There are multiple experiences to be had, depending how deep into the sea you are willing to let yourself be.  One adventure to try is the Ghar Lapsi dive that takes you more than 50 meters under the sea.  Whichever type of diving experience you choose, you will never forget after visiting Malta how amazing a vacation can be.

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