Three Reasons to Book Your Flight to Courmayeur Now

As the spring season for many ski destinations begins to draw near many people stop thinking about booking a vacation in one of the  many great ski resort destinations that can be found in various parts of the world.  But some of those ski destinations, such as Courmayeur, are just as enjoyable to visit during this time of the year as they are at the height of the winter skiing season. 

Courmayeur is a vibrant ski resort town that is characterized by the massive Mont Blanc and some of the best skiing in the Italian Alps.  The town itself caters to the ski and winter sport loving crowds in every way.  There are plenty of restaurants open year round, numerous shops at which you can find ski equipment available for purchase or rental, and a number of five-star Courmayeur hotels from which to base your vacation.  But all of these things are available in the winter months too, so why should you book a Courmayeur ski vacation right now?  There are actually three great reasons to book your Courmayeur vacation right now.

  1. Ski Opportunities Still Available – Many people think that their skiing opportunities are all gone by the time spring rolls around, but this is not the case in Courmayeur.  Skiing can be enjoyed well into the spring months, and the added bonus is that the weather is a little bit warmer as well.
  2. Accommodations at a Lower Cost – Anytime you visit someplace during a time other than their busiest season you are going to find lower cost accommodations.  This is true for Courmayeur as well.  Whereas you may have had to choose a lower rated accommodation during the winter months, you can easily afford more posh digs during the springtime.
  3. Less of a Crowd on the Slopes – One of the biggest benefits of taking a ski vacation in the springtime is the fact that you get much more of the slopes to yourself.  You can take the ski lifts anytime you want without waiting in line and ski any slope you wish at pretty much any time.  This provides for a much more enjoyable ski vacation for sure.

Skiing is great at the height of winter when the snow is fluffy and new, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a springtime ski fix too.  And the perfect place to do it is in Courmayeur.

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