The Best of Both Worlds: Movies and Vacations

Do you love movies as much as you love exploring new places and traveling to different destinations? If you answered yes, why not consider doing the two things that you love all at the same time? On your next vacation and you feel like going to another country time it when there is a movie festival that is going around. You can explore the place as well as get to watch great movies from indie films to locally made films and of course, films that are film festival worthy!

You have so many choices open to you, and we have listed some of the more popular ones so you can choose the best one that suits your movie and vacation preferences.

What’s more exciting than going to France for a vacation at the same time watching the movies participating in the Cannes International Film Festival? Time your next vacation when this very famous film festival is held so you can explore the beauty of France and watch great movies too. If you are worried about not finding any air fare travel deals, you can rest your worry because here at Airlines Northwest we can help you find and book France cheap air travel. We have hot deals for you and a France all inclusive vacation deals so can just relax while on vacation and get pampered like a movie star.

Want to be part of the Toronto International Film Festival? It’s easy. Just book your Toronto international flights with us so you can avail of great air fare deals. Should you need a car to tour the city, you just give us the heads up by dialing and calling one of our travel experts and we can arrange a car rental for you. Be in the middle of the film festival action and after which take your rented car and explore the wondrous buildings and sites of this bustling city.

Edinburgh International Film Festival is also a top choice for movie and travel loving individuals like you. See the highly acclaimed film selections and once the festival ended why not take the time to check out the many Scottish castles dotting the countryside. Get an affordable Edinburgh car rental package and have a fantastic countryside drive. You will not regret it because the sceneries you will encounter from mountains to lakes are absolute brilliance. Take a short cruise on the famous Loch Ness. To conserve your travel budget remember to book for discount hotels too.

Your travels and vacations will undoubtedly open whole new experiences for you. Take your love for movies a notch higher by participating and watching movies during film festivals and visiting famous places where a popular movie was shot. It’s the closest thing to being in the movie yourself.

Need more idea for awesome vacation hotspots? Check our travel blog at Airlines Northwest for more select vacation destinations. And book your airline tickets with us to ensure you are getting the best travel deals!

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