Take Your Vacation in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland lies at the heart of Europe. 65 percent of the county’s area is covered by mountain ranges that belong to the Swiss Alps. Switzerland shares the length of the Swiss Alps with France, Italy and Austria. The Swiss mountain regions such as Zermatt and the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps attract thousands of tourists the whole year round from different countries. In fact it is not unusual that during the peak season, you will be enjoying the Swiss Alps villages and the awesome snow adventures with tourists and travelers from the United States, Germany, Russia, Japan, China and Australia and from many other countries.

It is easy to go to the beautiful places in the Swiss Alps region. Most Alps villages such as Zermatt, Switzerland’s most popular resort village can be reached by train. It will only take around 3 hours of train ride from the Zurich airport in order to reach Zermatt.

The most preferred train going to Zermatt is the Glacier Express. The Glacier Express connects the village of Zermatt with the town of St. Moritz. The train ride is an amazing journey by itself as you will pass by beautiful countryside.  And there is also an hourly train connection to Zermatt via airports in Zurich and Geneva.

What’s remarkable about taking a vacation in Switzerland is that no matter if you go for lavish and luxurious hotel accommodation run by professional staff or rent a simple traditional hut or chalet run by a Swiss family, you can be assured of excellent and friendly service.

The most famous mountain in the Swiss Alps region is the Matterhorn. It stands majestic and beckons every serious adventurer to try to conquer its peak; it is the major draw why hundreds of tourist wants to take their vacation in the Alps. And when you speak of the Matterhorn, the village of Zermatt comes to mind because it has the largest and the highest skiing areas in the whole of the Swiss Alps and it lies at the feet of the Matterhorn.

Booking a hotel room in Zermatt is not a problem. There are a lot of Zermatt hotels to choose from, from 5 star hotels to romantic chalets and traditional Swiss Alps huts. Zermatt accommodations are estimated to serve more than 13,000 persons in the peak season.

The great thing about choosing to go to Zermatt for your Swiss vacation is that its ski areas are open the whole year round no matter what season you come, be it summer or winter. Aside from skiing, hiking and mountain biking are also popular in Zermatt especially in the summer months. Various Alpine paths can lead you to traditional Swiss villages, pine scented forests, beautiful lakes and stunning glaciers.

A vacation in the Swiss Alps will leave you with wonderful memories that you will cherish for many years to come. Your adventure, your travels and your moments in the snow and ski will make you want to come back again and again; such is the beauty and the allure of a real Swiss Alps vacation.


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