New Fantasyland opens at Walt Disney World

If you remember visiting the Magic Kingdom as a child, you will not want to miss the latest addition to the Walt Disney theme park in Orlando – – the New Fantasy land. The New Fantasy land is the largest expansion of the Magic Kingdom in Disney World history and gives visitors a new more immersible experience than ever before at the Florida theme park.  If you have not been to the Magic Kingdom since the New Fantasy land opened in December, you will want to book your “magical experience” soon because this is much more than simply a few new rides.

Fantasy land has now doubled in size and includes new rides, attractions and restaurants. Guests can meet Belle through an enchanted mirror in Maurice’s Cottage as well as have the unique opportunity to interact with other characters from the movie.  When visitors need a break, they can enjoy themed food and drink items at the new Gaston’s Tavern.  The Little Mermaid attraction has been given a new attraction called “Under the Sea” that thrills both young and old.  If you remember Fantasy land from a child, you will be surprised at the new attractions.  Each attraction is designed to take you into the movie so that you can experience much more than simply a ride or a meal. You become part of the movie and feel connected to the characters in a much closer way than ever before.

Basing attractions on a move is become more popular for theme parks as they seek to give visitors a more immersible experience.  The tradition of meeting live characters has been a tradition at Disney World almost from the very beginning.  Children, and adults, wait for their turn to have a picture made with their favorite characters and add each signature to their autograph books. New Fantasy land is the perfect place to continue this tradition.

Details like themed food, character encounters and immersible rides that take you directly into the movies themselves are what keep visitors coming back to Disney World year after year.  Watching their own children experience the wonder and excitement that they experienced when they were children keeps parents planning vacations to Disney World each year.  Disney World is working on a new addition to its Animal Kingdom theme park based on the popular movie “Avatar” which is destined to be a very popular attraction if the popularity of the movie is any indication.

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  1. sophie says:

    I love Walt Disney World! My family has vacationed there at least a dozen times. Cannot wait to go to the New Fantasyland.

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