New Disney World Interactive Experiences

As if traveling to Disney World and staying at a Disney resort was not exciting enough, the imaginative staff at Disney World has created new interactive experiences that use video-game style immersion to entertain and fascinate park guests. In addition to adding interactive queues to a number of Disney’s most popular rides and attractions, Disney World just introduced two new contests based on some of Disney’s most beloved characters.  Children and adults can now immerse themselves in adventures that bring them even closer to their favorite Disney characters – – they can actually be a part of Disney World through these interactive games. 

“Agent P” is based on characters from the popular Disney Channel show “Phineas & Ferb” and takes place in the World Showcase located in Epcot. Guests are given a super-secret, high-tech secret agent device (much like a cell phone) to use as they search for clues hidden throughout the World Showcase.  As you find each clue, you get closer to solving the mystery and helping Agent P defeat the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz.  The game is entertaining and gives children the chance to explore the World Showcase with a new and exciting interest.  Parents will love that they children want to explore all of the wonderful exhibits in the World Showcase.

“Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” takes place in Disney World’s first theme park, The Magic Kingdom.  It is includes some of Disney’s most famous villains, including “Aladdin’s” Jafar and “The Little Mermaid’s” Ursula.  Guests become apprentice sorcerers and use special spell cards to battle the villains.  LED screens are located throughout the park to play the interactive game. Both games give guests the opportunity to step into the role of hero and become the star in their very own Disney story experience.

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