More on Brazil’s World Cup 2014 Competition

World Cup Brazil 2014In a separate article on our blog, we mention some of the basics about the upcoming World Cup 2014.  Hopefully, they’ll be helpful for readers who might not be familiar with the World Cup’s history and format.  Now, it’s time to get down to a few more specifics.

This year’s matches will be held in 12 different Brazilian cities (Brazil is the host country for the 2014 World Cup competition).  Among others, the host cities include Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Manaus, and Brasilia.  Rio de Janeiro hotels will be at a particular premium because that beautiful city is the site of the competition’s final, championship match.  That’s not to say that Brasilia hotels (or hotels in any of the other host cities) will be easy to come by, because they won’t.  You’ll need to book your room well in advance no matter which of the host cities you decide to visit.  The same thing goes for your flight.  Plane tickets will get hard to come by if you wait too long.  If you go through a site like Airlines Northwest, you’ll be able to book your flight, hotel and rental car (if you want one) quite easily, provided you do it early, before everything’s sold out.  Booking through Airlines Northwest is fast, safe, easy and convenient.

Now, here’s some information on the teams that will be playing in World Cup 2014.  There are 32 of them, each one representing a country.  The early stages consist of a round-robin tournament played by eight groups of four teams each.  The top two teams from each group will move on to a knockout round, where the winners will advance and the losers will be knocked out of the tournament.  These preliminary matches will be contested in various Brazilian cities.  The two teams that survive the knockout rounds will be the finalists and play each other at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

As of this writing, the early favorites out of the 32 teams that survived the qualifying phase are Brazil (the host country and the winner of more World Cups than any other team), Spain (the defending champion), Belgium, Argentina, Germany, Colombia and Japan.  All in all, there are 13 teams from Europe, 6 from South America, 5 from Africa, 4 from Asia and 4 from North or Central America.  The upshot is that you’ll have a wide choice of teams to root for, no matter where you’re from.

Once you pick a team to back in World Cup 2014, Northwest Airlines can help you get to Brazil and reserve a room in the city and hotel of your choice.

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