Money Saving Tips for your Trips

Here at Airlines Northwest we are always giving out tips to make your travel as fun and as wonderful it can be, including giving you some ideas on how you can save money while traveling. The money you’ll save can be put into a travel fund so anytime the urge to just go and visit other states or abroad hits you; you have money to start you off.

We listed the following great tips so you can save money on your travels:

Choose to travel during off peak season

Off seasons have their perks: hotel room rates are generally lower so your $150 dollar can probably get you a luxurious room in Italy from May to June as compared to what your $150 can get you when you choose to visit Italy during August where local holidays makes Italian and foreigners visit this country and drives the prices up including hotel rates.

Airlines usually also offers discounts and fare promos to encourage more people to travel during lean time. Flying during this season could mean paying for your airfare at a lower cost. Let Airlines Northwest help you find that cheapest fare to your destination, check our homepage for great discounts and promos.

Choose cheaper accommodation

When you travel for leisure especially abroad, you usually do not spend so much time in your room, instead your days and nights will be busy checking out the local scene, visiting popular spots, bargain hunting for souvenirs and a whole lot more activities that you will engage in outside of your room. Thus, paying for a deluxe room may not be so practical. You can go for a cheaper room and save tons of money!

Use your discount cards where applicable

When you are traveling all over the states, you will undoubtedly come across establishments that accept discount cards you got at home. This is usually the case with some restaurants, hotels and boutiques, so don’t forget to bring your discount cards as it might just come in handy and will let you save money during your trip.

Choose to book early

We have countless options here at Airlines Northwest where you can get good discounts if you book your flights early. Airlines usually cut their prices for bookings made months in advance especially for long haul flight, so if you are certain about your travel dates, why not book early so you can save.

Choose to travel light

There are countless benefits to travelling light; you will not be hampered from moving quickly if you need to and if you only have one bag, watching after it is easier too compared when you are dragging 2 or 3 bags. And more importantly, travelling light can mean huge savings. Why? Because you will not need to hire porters in ports to help you carry your things, you will not need to hire a taxi because you can just carry your bag and hop into public transport with no hassle, plus you will save on excess baggage fee since some air couriers might charge an extra fee for more than 1 bag.

Choose to buy your gears and supplies in your place of destination

This may be an overlooked thing by many travelers that wherever they go in the world, they bring with them bottles of shampoos, soaps, lotions, medicines, chips, and the likes. But the world is already global where free trade between country is the norm, and unless you are headed to a remote destination in a certain country, chances are there will be shops in your place of destination that carry the same brands that you prefer and sometimes, they are sold at a cheaper price especially at duty free shops.

Do your own laundry

If you are staying for a week or longer in a certain place, you may want to consider doing your own laundry or if that is not possible, check out the Laundromat in the area where you are staying. Usually a place filled with hotels and motels also have one or two neighborhood laundromats. You can truly save by doing either of the two suggestions as hotels usually charges a hefty sum for laundries where a hotel may charge you $1 per piece of clothing whereas in the neighborhood laundromat your $1 might pay for your whole laundry.

There are countless ways of saving money while travelling, you just need a little imagination and thinking out of the box. You can ask friends and family for their tips on saving money, we also invite you to continue to check here at Airlines Northwest as we are always here to offer more travel tips so you will have an awesome travel

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