Magical Travel to Denmark

Denmark is a country in the Scandinavian Region. With lots of sandy beaches, it has become a popular summer travel destination in Europe. This country attracts thousands of tourists especially those coming from its neighboring countries like Norway, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.  No wonder Denmark airfare deals and last minute travel vacation packages are highly sought after.

Denmark is one of Europe’s oldest kingdoms, and also the country of the world renowned author Hans Christian Andersen, thus gaining its unofficial title as the “Fairytale Kingdom”. Truly, visiting Denmark is like going on a fairy tale trip for it its old castles remains standing to the delight of local and foreign tourists.

Denmark’s capital city is Copenhagen. There are a lot of sites to visit within Copenhagen. Famous tourist attractions are The Little Mermaid, Freetown Christiana, and the Tivoli Gardens. The Tivoli Gardens is one of the most famous theme parks in all of Europe where you can find old fashioned carousels and roller coasters. Other attractions inside the park are the Pantomime Theater, and the Tivoli Concert Hall.

Denmark is also the birth place of one of the world’s most famous toys, the Lego. If you want your kids to truly remember their stay in Denmark, bring them to Legoland, Denmark’s answer to Disneyland, where kids could enjoy lots of thrill rides as well as amazing structures made of Lego bricks and parts.

If you want an ocean adventure, journey to Denmark’s Bornholm Island in the Baltic Sea. This island offers picturesque fishing villages and a lot of sandy beaches for swimming and water sports. You could also find here the ruins of Europe’s largest castle, the Hammershus.

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