It’s Time for a Winter Vacation

It’s been a long, hard winter in many parts of the world, and it’s really just getting started.  We’ve suffered through frigid temperatures, icy winds and way too much snow.  We’re all sick and tired of driving on icy roads and scraping the snow from our cars and driveways.  We’re tired of being stuck in the house because it’s too cold to do much of anything other than shiver and try to stay warm.

Isn’t it time to consider taking a winter vacation?  A trip to a place that offers sunny skies and warm, dry air instead of the continual cold and snow we’ve been dealing with?

Miami, Florida is a place like that.  It’s hardly touched by winter’s icy fingers.  A cold day in Miami is 75 degrees.  On a day like that, the people who live there wear sweaters and jackets.  But doesn’t that temperature sound like heaven right about now?

Flights leave for Miami from airports throughout the world every day.  It’s a major destination, so plenty of tickets are usually available.  An online site like Airlines Northwest can help you book your flight, your choice of Miami hotels and a rental car.  Once you land, you can stay in the city and explore its multicultural sights.  Be sure to check out the clubs at Coconut Grove while you’re there.  And, if you’re into sunbathing as well as nightlife, you’ll need to pay a visit or two to South Beach.  It’s a trendy, quirky neighborhood of Miami Beach, lined by a wide sandy beach and fabulous Art Deco hotels and other buildings.  You can stroll up and down the boulevard, watching the celebrities and beautiful people who flock there in droves.  The place is bursting with energy, and the nightlife lasts from sunrise to sundown and around again.  When you get tired of the action, take a quick dip or plop yourself down in a chair at one of SoBe’s dozens of restaurants.

Or, you can leave the big city and make your way to Key West – it’s not far away.  Make sure you’re there for sunset – they say the sunsets on Key West are some of the world’s most spectacular.  Take a boat tour around the island, hunt for shells or go deep-sea fishing.  Check out “Sloppy Joe’s,” the old time bar that’s evolved into a Key West tradition.  In its early days, this popular pub was one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite hangouts.

Whether you fly to Miami, visit Key West, or travel somewhere else, you deserve a winter vacation.  You could go skiing in the Alps or bask in the sun and warmth of Mexico or the Bahamas.  No matter where you decide to go, Airlines Northwest can handle all your travel arrangements, including booking your flight, hotels and rental cars.

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  1. ladiima says:

    It’s really been cold lately. Glad that there are still places nice to visit such as Miami, Florida. I can’t imagine myself seeing those views, I am sure they are worth to visit. If ever I’ll get the opportunity to see it, I’d be visiting the places mentioned in this post. Thanks for the ideas and tips. I am sure those who are planning to visit Miami would definitely give a try of going to same places too! 🙂

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