How to Have a Fun Travel with Kids

Traveling with the whole family is a great bonding experience. You get to see different places and have fun together. But traveling with kids is somewhat different compared to traveling by you or with friends. Traveling with kids takes a lot of planning and extra precautions.  Traveling with kids also requires bringing extra stuff, so you need to plan carefully and conduct a full check on your travel packing list to determine all things are in order and accounted for.

Here are useful 7 tips to consider when traveling with kids:

1. Book early

Booking early can help you a lot especially if you’re traveling in a group or with your family. You can get special discounts or other perks. Booking early in most airlines and train companies also allows you to select seat numbers, so that all of you can sit together and eat meals at the same time.

2. Check out your child’s airplane ticket’s fine prints

You’re children, especially babies under 2 years old can have as much as 10% discount froṁ airline tickets. However some perks might be removed such as baggage allowance or meals. Check out the fine prints before booking in a particular airline.

3. Tag your kids

If you are with a toddler or a group of kids who likes to run around, it is better to tag them just in case they went missing. Give the kids bracelets or necklaces with your name and mobile phone written on it.

4. Look for other traveling families

Make friends with other traveling families. You could let both your children play or exchange toys and books while waiting in an airport or while inside the plane or train. You could also have an extra pair of eyes to look after the children while they play.

5. Invest on a portable high chair

There are many portable high chairs available in the market. These chairs can be folded down to accompany just a small space in your car’s trunk or small enough to carry around. Some high chairs double up as strollers, making them a valuable tool when traveling with babies.

6. Pack your baby’s things on a separate bag

Packing your baby’s thing can help you be more organized. It also makes things easier especially if you’re looking for toys or for your child’s medicine.

7. Plan your vacation with your child in mind

Plan a vacation where everyone can enjoy and relax, particularly your kids. One of the best destinations for kids is the beach where they can swim in the waters or build sand castles. Going outdoors with plenty of snow is also a great idea. Visiting theme parks is a sure winner for kids 5 years old and above. Avoid trips that require lots of physical work such as hiking or camping outdoors.

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