How to choose the best airline seats

If you have flown recently, you are aware that airlines have changed their seating options to fit more seats onto a flight.  This means that you will be cramped into a tighter space with even more people than before on flights.  However, knowing how to choose the best airline seats can help you have a more comfortable flight and avoid some of the stress that can be associated with airplane trips.

Before booking a flight through any airline, ask if you will be allowed to choose a seat at booking.  Some airlines do not allow you to choose your seats when you book flights or charge an extra fee to reserve seats.  If possible, book flights with airlines that allow you to choose seats when you book your flight.  The earlier you can book the flight the better chance you will have to get a good airline seat.  Also, you can ask the airline if they have premium seats with more legroom for a small extra fee.  Airlines are now including a few seats that have more legroom for small fees for those who want or need a little more room but do not want to pay to fly first class.  If you are able to accept the responsibilities of sitting next to an exit window, those seats tend to have a little more legroom because of the emergency exit and are often the same price as the other economy seats.

When choosing your seat, avoid the middle seats if possible as those are more uncomfortable than aisle seats or window seats.  Even though it is nice to have a window seat, aisle seats are much easier to navigate getting in and out of even though you may need to get up several times to avoid being “crawled over” when passengers in the middle or next to the window need to get out of their seats.  Even though the passengers sitting at the rear of the plane are seated first, sitting at the front means that you will have an easier and quicker exit.  This is very important if you are trying to make a connecting flight or going through customs.

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