How much does a trip to Disney cost?

Taking a trip to the most magical place on the planet can be quite costly for some people. Most vacations in general can be costly if you are taking more then one person with you on the trip. On going on a trip to Disney World, you are most likely taking the entire family along with you. This means that you are not only paying for yourself, but you are also paying for at least two other people to come along with you.

The first thing you will need to take care of is any pets you have with you in your house. You obviously cannot bring pets along with you to Disney World. You will need to put these pets in a boarding kennel or you must hire a person to watch your pet for you. You can find plenty of people in the area who are willing to be dog sitters. However, you must be careful and arrange an interview beforehand so you know that they are legit. Dog sitters can be cheaper then a boarding kennel, but they can be more of a risk if you are choosing a random ad out of the paper to respond to. Either way, you must not forget to include these costs in your trip to Disney.

You will also have to factor in either flying costs or the cost of gas. Driving can be a great way to save money. This way you will not have to rent a car while you are in Disney World. Not only do plane tickets per person reach more then three hundred per person for a round trip (depending on where you are flying from of course), but the cost of renting a car could quickly drive up the cost of your trip. Gas is nowhere as cheap as it used to be, but it can be a huge money saver. You can save even more by avoiding motels along the road and choosing to stay at rest areas or take turns driving if you have more then one adult in the car with you.

You will also need to budget for the cost of a hotel. What your budget is will determine whether you stay in a five star or a three star hotel. A three star hotel does not necessarily mean that it is a bad hotel. They simply do not offer as many amenities as the five star hotels offer. The five star might come with pools, saunas, and breakfast and dining passes while a three star hotel might have a smaller pool or just a small breakfast buffet.


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