Five Things That Make Hostels Different From Hotels

More people travel today than ever before, as travel has become much less expensive than it was before the days of low-cost airline tickets and budget hotels.  Decades ago traveling was more an activity enjoyed by the rich, and the adventurous few that didn’t really care if they had the money to travel in luxury.  But these days everybody travels, whether they have a low travel budget or enough money to not have to worry about anything.  And many travelers in both categories these days have no trouble seeing the benefits of staying in hostels instead of high-priced hotels.

Hostels were a bit different years ago than what they are today.  But they are still a terrific option for those individuals traveling around the world that are seeking a different kind of experience.  There are five things specifically that make hostels different from hotels.

1.    Price – The cost of staying in a Hostel is usually considerably less expensive than staying at a typical hotel.  This is and always has been the biggest benefit of choosing a hostel over a hotel.  The reasons for the lower cost have to do with how a hostel is set-up, managed, and maintained.

2.    Dining – Unlike typical hotels that have one or more restaurants in them, Hostels tend to feature a small kitchen that feeds all of the guests.  In some hostels the owner will provide meals for everyone, while in others the guests will have shared use of the kitchen to make their own meals.

3.    Formality Level – There is very little formality involved when it comes to hostels, compared to that you will find in most hotels.  From the front entrance and desk right down to the rooms, you will find much more simple accommodations, which many worldly travelers prefer.

4.    Social Interaction – There is a much higher level of social interaction involved with staying in a hostel as well.  Shared common areas are much smaller and more intimate, and as mentioned earlier, dining is usually done as a group.  For this reason guests at hostels have to be comfortable with social interaction of this level.

5.    Sleeping Arrangements – The biggest different between a hotel and a hostel is the sleeping arrangements of guests.  Hostels tend to feature dorm style sleeping arrangements, which can either be set-up as co-ed dorms or separate dorms for males and females.  This style of sleeping arrangements offers guests the rare opportunity to get to know people they would otherwise never know.

To be sure, there are considerable differences between hotels and hostels, but the differences provide for a very unique experience, and a little extra money in the rest of your travel budget as well.

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