Disney Resorts Capturing Hearts by the Millions

Walt Disney the brain behind Disney, Disneyland and Disney World could not be more proud of what Disney has accomplished today. Young children dream of going for a Disney vacation and even adults wants to spend time in Disney Resorts to experience being kids again!

There is just so much to see and so much to do in Disney Resorts like the one in Orlando, Florida. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is a resort like no other for it has 23 theme hotels, 4 Disney theme parks, 2 water parks and so many amenities! It also offers world class entertainment such as the famous circus troop, Cirque du Soleil, whose act La Nouba is a Walt Disney World exclusive.
The main attraction that excites kids to no end is the Magic Kingdom Park. Here, they can explore Cinderella’s Castle as well as meet and greet Disney characters as they parade around the park and pause for some photo op. You can also see the classic ride, the Black Pearl at the park, the inspiration for the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean.

Disney’s Boardwalk provides good entertainment and fun filled night life for the more mature visitors. The Board Walk is a quarter mile long village filled with shops, restaurants with live entertainment and night clubs.
Its design was taken from Coney Island, and is romantic place to go to especially during sunset, where you can stroll around or watch as the sun sets in the horizon.
Aside from the famous one in Orlando, there is also a Disneyland Resort in California.
Asia also boasts two Disney Resorts, the Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland while you can find one Disneyland in Europe and it is located in Paris, France.

When you and your friends or family go for a Disney vacation no matter where it is, you can be sure that you will have great fun and awesome time as you try out all the exciting rides, have pictures with your favorite Disney cartoon characters; watch Disney movies and engage in so many fun-filled activities!
Spending time in Disneyland is one of those memories that will last a lifetime, no wonder parents bring their kids for a complete family vacation and bonding time on Disney Resorts.
To make your vacation hassle free you can also choose to book in Disney Hotels instead of booking far from where the action is in Disneyland.

Bring the whole family and experience Disney magic, fun and relaxation in Disney Resort and discover why Disney has captured the hearts of millions of children, youngsters and those young at heart for many generations.

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