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Asia has been attracting millions of visitors from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and more countries in the last few decades. The exotic places of Asia and the very different culture is a major draw among world travelers not to mention there are lots of great beaches and destinations in the many countries of Asia.

When the west is suffering from cold winters and chilly winds for few months each year, the people of Asia regularly enjoy mostly sun and fair weather especially in the part of Southeast Asia which include Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia , Brunei, Vietnam, Laos and Timor-Leste.  These places offer ancient temples alongside great beaches and awesome cultural experience.

Going to Asia has become cheaper with cheap airfare deals, affordable car rentals, and low price hotels. Planning to visit Thailand and check out the beach haven of Phuket or the beach used in the shooting of the movie ‘The Beach’? You can at a low price because we can assist you in finding cheap international flights to Thailand wherever you maybe in the world.

You may have heard of the Philippines bid for the 7 New Natural Wonders inclusion of their Puerto Princesa Subterranean River and National Park and want to check it out yourself, yes you can too without paying for a high price airline tickets. We have the cheapest airline ticket to the Philippines.

Or have you been egging your husband to take you out on a shopping spree in Singapore’s fame shopping and bargain centers? You can convince your husband especially that these days we can hunt for you Singapore air travel tickets that are very affordable including Singapore all inclusive vacation deals.

You can even extend your trip outside of Southeast Asia and go to Japan or China!  See the fame cherry blossom of Japan first hand during the early months of every New Year; if you are worried about expensive hotel accommodation don’t worry as we can find for you and your travel companions Japan discount hotels and even Japan cheap car rentals.

Planning to trek the Great Wall of China and enter the Forbidden City you’ve only seen on martial art films? It’s easy! Book yourself and your love ones one of our China cheap airlines tickets and be on your way in discovering the ancient treasures of China. Now you can boast to your martial arts loving friends that you have been to the place depicted in many Asian martial arts films.

Traveling to Asia or wherever in the world has become cheaper with countless air fare promo deals available to cater to your needs and travel budgets. Book your flight tickets early to avail of more discounts. Call our toll free numbers now at Airlines Northwest to make sure that you are getting the best all inclusive deals and cheap travel flights.

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