Can you get free airline tickets?

The old saying “If it is too good to be true, then it is,” answers this question completely.  There are very few instances where you can get free airline tickets.  There are as many scams about airline tickets as there are airlines.  Unfortunately, many people searching for cheap airline tickets fall victim to these scams. 

Direct mailers are a popular airline tickets scam.  Postcards or letters that excitedly declare you have either won or been selected to receive round-trip airfares are constantly targeted to unsuspecting consumers.  Notice that these items do not have the word “free” anywhere on them – – that is because the tickets are not without some sort of cost.  The cost may be sitting through hours of high-pressure sales meetings or the purchase of an item that the company is offering for sale.  Even if you are not required to purchase anything to receive your “complimentary” airline tickets, you will likely be required to pay the taxes.  Beware, taxes on a regular ticket are usually less than $50 but these companies will charge you upwards of $100 per ticket – – that is hardly a “free” airline ticket.

Another popular delivery method for these scams is through email.  Email phishing is intended to gather your financial information and/or get your money.  These emails claim they are offering free or discounted tickets when, in fact, they are stealing your personal and financial information.  They will request that you provide a credit card number or social security number for “verification” before receiving your free airline ticket.  They will then use this information to get your money or even worse, steal your identity.  Sometimes these emails may even claim to be associated with a famous person or an actual airline.  They may even direct you to websites that are designed to look and perform like legitimate company websites.  Do not be fooled by email phishing – – if someone is truly offering you a fantastic deal, he or she will contact you directly and not through a mass email.

Airlines Northwest is not associated with any airline ticket scams.  We offer cheap airline tickets and budget travel deals to our customers but we do not participate in gimmicks or scams intended to fool customers.  You can trust our partners when you are searching for discount flights and air travel deals.

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