Best Cities to Visit in 2012

2012 brings in a great year for travelers for there are a number of great events and other attractions lined up for everyone all across the world. Here are a list of must see cities this year.


Do we have to say more for London in 2012? London will be hosting the Olympic Games this year starting from July till mid August. This is probably the biggest event of the year and you should not miss being part of history as you watch athletes compete for the gold and break world records.

Bangalore (Bangaluru)

To most, New Delhi is enough to offer you the very best of India, but they are wrong. You must travel further down south for there is another Indian city that is also rich in history and culture. This city is called Bangaluru or Bangalore. Aside from the rich culture, the city is home to some of the country’s best bars, restaurants and party places.

Orlando, Florida

The Sunshine State has great things in store for you this year. One of the earliest treats coming from Orlando City is that it will host the 61st Annual All-Star Game of the NBA. So better watch out for celebrities and sport icons as they participate in the festivities of the All-Star Weekend.


Muscat, Oman is ready for foreign travelers. The city has re-vamped its tourist policies and has improved much of their facilities. Now there are a lot of restaurants that caters to the international market as well as lots of foreign friendly hotels and night spots. For fun filled family activities, this Middle East city can surprise you of their fantastic list of resorts and water parks.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the best place to shop when in Asia. This is Asia’s version of the City that Never Sleeps for you can find lots of activities here 24/7. During the day, you can go and visit various tourist sites such as temples and monuments. You could also visit the newly opened Toy Story theme park inside Hong Kong’s best attraction, Disney Land. At night, you can either go for midnight bazaars or have fun dining at one of the city’s exotic food stalls.

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    Thanks for the post. I like that you included some well-known cities along with some unique destinations. I specifically enjoyed reading about Muscat, as this is a city that I probably would have never thought about visiting before, and now I am interested in learning more about it.

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