Amsterdam Top Tourist Spots

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. With its lovely architecture, criss-crossing canals and thousands of bridges, Amsterdam has for years been called the “Venice of the North”. If you want to see what this beautiful European city offers, then you must come and visit Amsterdam.

Museum and beautiful buildings are Amsterdam’s best tourist attractions. There are over 50 museums that can satisfy everyone’s fancy. The canals also offer a romantic scene for lovers and honeymooners.

Here are some of the must see places in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Diamond factories- There are a lot of diamond factories and shops all over the city. Many of these accept free tours. You should go to these sites to see how diamonds are cut and made into expensive jewelry.

Vondelpark – This well maintained park sits at the very heart of the city. It is great location for picnics and other outdoor activities. It is also near popular museums such as the Stedelijk and Van Gogh Museum. The park also has an open air theater that serves as grounds for concerts and popular Amsterdam festivals.

Amsterdam Windmills – Netherlands is famous for its windmills and the City of Amsterdam has 8 fully working windmills that you can see up close.

OBA Amsterdam Public Library- This is a nice place to do research on your next Amsterdam stop. This is their country’s largest library which houses lots of international books and magazines that you can freely read. Free internet terminals are also available here.

Magere Brug – Amsterdam has more than 1,200 bridges, and the most popular one among them is called the Magere Brug or the “Skinny Bridge”. It is a Dutch draw bridge that closes its entrances to traffic every 20 minutes to allow boats to pass on the river Amstel.

Albert Cuyp Market- This is one of the largest outdoor markets in Europe. The Albert Cuyp market has over 300 stalls that sell fresh produce, locally made clothes and souvenir items. This market is very popular among tourists and people flock this place every Saturdays.

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