Airport Tips a Traveller Must Know

Travel TipsAre you planning to travel overseas for your next holiday getaway? Do you prefer to travel by air? Here are some helpful travel tips you must know when you want to board on a plane for your next adventure. These will aid you on avoiding any hassles or problems you might encounter upon stepping into the airport.

  1. Bring sunglasses and earplugs with you. If you don’t have one, you must buy them a day before your flight. Sunglasses will protect you from those not-so-good lighting in the airport, while earplugs will save you from the noise in the terminal.
  2. Put on impressive clothes. According to some frequent travellers, airport staffs treat those who are well-dressed better than those who are not.
  3. Avoid terminal-hopping as much as possible. There might be instances that you need to transfer from one flight to another before you reach your destination; however, it is advisable that you avoid these transfers as much as you can. It might cause you flight delays and will ruin the itinerary for your tour.
  4. Don’t touch the doorknob of the airplane’s restroom. It is more likely for you to get sick when you are boarding on a plane than going to public places like malls. As a precautionary measure, always use a paper towel each time you touch the doorknob of the restroom.
  5. Always carry a saline nasal spray with you. The air inside the plane is dry which can also dry out your mucus membranes. Wearing a mask may also help you avoid getting a virus while on board.
  6. Travel during Tuesdays and Wednesdays. According to some travel experts, fares are more affordable and the lines are shorter every Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so it is better to book your flight on these days.
  7. Just bring what you need. If possible, just bring a small carry-on bag with you when you travel especially on peak seasons. It will save you from waiting for your luggage on the conveyor belt. Also, you won’t be worrying that you might lose your things.
  8. Take advantage of the Mobile Boarding Pass. In case the airline has to change its departure time or the gate, you will be informed remotely. However, it is still best to confirm your flight schedule thru the departure screen before boarding on your plane.
  9. Download helpful apps for your flight. Kayak, TripIt, Hotel Tonight, Gate Guru and Flight Tracker are among the handy applications you may use for your trip.
  10. Don’t forget to carry a power bank. Airport security officers always check the mobile phones and other gadgets the passengers bring with them if it is functioning or not. Failure to prove the functionality of the gadgets will result to flight delays. To avoid such hassle, make sure your gadgets are fully-charged and you have a power bank with you in case you ran out of battery.
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