A Guide to Maltese Cuisine

You would think that the food you will be served during your visit to Malta would be traditional Mediterranean in nature, but if you do then you will be pleasantly surprised at the variety and diversity.  The Maltese style cuisine is actually a mixture of different Mediterranean cuisines, so the dishes vary in flavors considerably.  In addition, the meats and seafood that are eaten in Malta vary significantly as well.  And of course the seasons play a very large role in what is served when in Malta as well, so if you are hoping to try something specific you should keep this in mind when booking your trip through Airlines Northwest.  One thing is for sure, and that is that you will have no problem finding somewhere to try the excellent Maltese cuisine.  There are family owned restaurants, fine dining restaurants, casual restaurants, and restaurants located within the many five-star Malta hotels.  The hardest part about eating in Malta will be deciding where to go.  We have picked out a few Malta restaurants of note where you can try some of the local flavors.

The Arches – The first restaurant of note serving Maltese cuisine is The Arches, and a lovely place it is.  The restaurant itself is classy in its décor, but nothing compared to the wonderful dishes that they serve there.  A few you may want to choose from to try include the Meli Melo of Smoked Salmon and White Fish, the Homemade Chicken Liver Pate, and the Cold Poached Lobster.

Palazzo Preca – Palazzo Preca is a classy place that serves up classy Mediterranean dishes.  The specialty of this particular Malta restaurant is seafood which is bought locally, so it varies from season to season.  Some of the dishes worth trying at Palazzo Preca include the Razor Clams, the Filet ala Café de Paris, and the Fresh Sardine Salad.

Tarragon – Tarragon is another classy restaurant in Malta, and a bit expensive too, but definitely worth the money.  The restaurant owners pride themselves on using fresh ingredients and you can surely taste it in each bite of its delicious food.  If visiting Tarragon a few of the dishes that you might try include the Pan Seared Barbary Duck Breast, the Lava Grilled Veal, and the Octopus Cooked in Garlic and White Wine w/ a Hint of Chili.

There are many areas in Malta to visit and these specific restaurants are spread out over the island so you will have to be staying in the right place to try them.  But knowing that they are there may help you to decide where in Malta you want to visit for your wonderful Malta holiday.

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