A Few Suggestions to Help You Choose the Best Hotel

choose the best hotelOne of the most important aspects of your next vacation is your accommodations. You should do plenty of research into the hotels you plan to stay at, no matter where your destination may be. There are a few simple rules you can keep in mind – suggestions recommended by experts – that will help you not only save a few dollars but have a better time in the long run.

To begin with, make sure you are calling the hotel you want to stay at directly. Going through 1-800 numbers will take you to a corporate call center. Calling directly gets you the people you will actually be seeing. If you are unsure what hotels are best in the area you are visiting, look online and retrieve phone numbers from the various advertising websites. This is a good way to find reviews of different hotels, as well. It’s always helpful if you can read about the experiences other guests have had.

If you book through an independently-owned hotel, there is a better chance that you will be given a discount. Check into the smaller hotels before going with the larger chains. You will also do better by treating all staff members you come into contact with – on the phone or in person – with respect and dignity. It makes you look better and the staff more willing to work with you. If you get to the hotel and discover you would like an upgrade, request one quietly or ask for a corner room.

In that same line of thought, after you have checked in, continue to show respect to the staff, remembering that you are not the only guest and you don’t own the hotel (unless you do!). Having said that, it shouldn’t be too hard for a normal person to understand when the front desk clerk is busy with a line of guests checking in or out and takes a bit longer to get back to you about any special request you might have. You are the one on vacation. The hotel staff is at work.

It’s okay to request clean sheets upon arrival. Sometimes a room has been sitting for a week or so and the linens may not be as clean as they once were, even with regular dusting. Unless the hotel changes linens whether or not someone has stayed in the room, you will want fresh, clean sheets and towels.

Make your stay wonderful for you and the hotel staff by being a good hotel guest. Keep the noise to a minimum and try not to bother other guests or the staff at odd hours of the night. Most hotel employees are friendly and willing to help if you need anything. They are often in the hospitality business because they have a serving personality. Remember this when you are forced to wait a bit longer than you wanted.

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