A Bali Vacation Might Be Just The Ticket!

There aren’t many spots on the planet more beautiful and more exotic than Bali.  This little island can give you a lifetime of memories, and a trip there might be just the ticket if you’re tired of going to the same old types of places.

Sure, Bali is about as far away from North America and Europe as you can get.  You’ll need to fly there, and the tickets probably won’t be cheap because of the distances involved.  That’s why booking your flight through a website like Airlines Northwest is definitely the way to go – you’ll get much better prices that way.

For almost any traveler, a Bali vacation would be an incredibly memorable, once-in-a-lifetime trip.  Booking a flight as cheaply as possible is one thing, but you sure don’t want to scrimp once you arrive.  Airlines Northwest can book your accommodations too, and they can hook you up with one of the many Bali resorts and hotels that are luxurious but amazingly affordable.

Bali’s an amazing place.  Lush tropical forests, exotic wildlife, gorgeous tropical flowers, incredible mountain and coastal vistas, friendly people with a laid-back lifestyle, and a unique culture are just some of its attractions.

The Balinese people might be some of the friendliest and most welcoming you’ll find anywhere in the world.  They know how to treat visitors the way they should be – as honored guests – and they’ll go out of their way to show you a good time.

The resorts, hotels and other types of accommodations scattered throughout Bali offer a wide array of services, conveniences and amenities.  You can stay in a Balinese home and be treated like a member of the family, you can stay at a posh resort with your own driver, car, valet and cook, or you can pick a hotel that falls somewhere in between.  In Bali, it’s all good.

Many Bali resorts have staff members who are happy to share their personal insights on Balinese life and culture.  For instance, they’ll be able to explain how certain places you might be interested in visiting are significant to the Balinese culture or have religious significance for the island’s people.  Background information like that can definitely make your trip more interesting, memorable and enriching.  The staff will also be able to recommend specific places to visit while you’re on the island.  They’ll even help you make the arrangements you’ll need to get from one place to the next.

Bali’s a delightful place, and there’s little doubt you’ll feel welcome there.  You’re almost guaranteed to have a great time.

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3 Responses to A Bali Vacation Might Be Just The Ticket!

  1. ttoms24 says:

    We went last month. Bali is a beautiful and varied island with plenty to offer. However, we found it very wild when travelling to and from places, which is a must if you want to see the island. I can Just say it wonderful… the people loved their island as much as we do. First went in 2001 and have returned three times since. The wonderful culture and superb arts still remain. Super yummy foods, definitely suggest everyone to go Bali. …Try it!!

  2. StellaN says:

    Bali was a very interesting place to visit. We found Bali more built up and congested than we were expecting. What a Place! Amazing food and amazing people. Beautiful and fantastic honeymoon location, friendly people and great weather. We were glad we chose the Spa Village Tembok in the north of the country, it offered the peace and tranquility we craved after our wedding. Just awesome !

  3. WilliamP says:

    I am looking for a place to take my wife for our anniversary. Bali looks FANTASTIC. I was worried about the airfare though because of the long distance we would be flying. I was surprised how much I could save by booking through Airlines Northwest. I am still looking for Bali hotels and things to do but at least I now know where to go to make all my Bali flight arrangements. I am so excited that I will be able to take my wife away on a fabulous vacation for our anniversary.

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