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Berlin, Germany is not one of the major cities in Europe which one associates with the beach life and sunshine holidays, such as one looks for in cities such as Barcelona, Cannes, Faro or Ibiza. Berlin though offers some excellent attractions, a fascinating history, culture and a whole load more, for tourists. The city has undergone lots of changes after the war, and has emerged as the most modern and thriving city. The localities are very friendly and hospitable with the tourists. It has become the most popular destination among the tourists. It is the spot for one and all. The new and old wonderful architecture building stands side by side. It has got exceptionally good nightlife, and is also preferred spot by the travel enthusiast

You can visit the Berlin Wall and Eastern Berlin. There are few visitors to Berlin who will not appreciate the stunning changes that have taken place in Berlin in recent decades with the fall of the Berlin wall. Visit Wellness and Sauna. Just like in many other Northern European countries, Germans have a passion for sauna and wellness. The city of Berlin has some world class spa and sauna venues The Sultan Hamam, Thermin Berlin and Gewoelbe sauna's are all very well organised and professional wellness places to unwind in for an afternoon or evening. Berlin has a number of excellent museum and none so better than the German Historical Museum. This museums gives one an instant look into Berlin and Germany's past and is a must see museum if you are interested in the local culture. One might associate London and Paris more so, when it comes to shopping in European cities. If you are interested in the wellness aspect of Berlin culture though or have an interest in attractions such as the Berlin wall, you will find that Berlin certainly has plenty of shopping opportunities. German art and style does exist and does offer something different and this can make shopping in Berlin a fun experience

Apart from the festivals, the parades of Berlin are also a popular attraction. Some popular parades include the Christopher Street day, Fuckparade in August, Hanf Parade in August, Karneval in February or March and Karneval der Kulturen on whit Sunday in May or June. Airlines northwest has various information about Berlin car rental and hotels. You can find your preferred accommodation from Airlines northwest that offers Berlin hotels at cheap and discount prices as well as Berlin car rental. Most of the star rating Berlin hotels has complimentary breakfast and a spa session, special value-packed offers on food and drink at several ethnic eateries. There are so many other fun things to see and do in Berlin. Take the time to create fun family memories together. You will be glad that you did. Have fun and stay safe!