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Cozumel is an island municipality belonging to the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. The island is blessed with beautiful and spectacular beaches and lots of sunshine which makes it a popular tourist destination in Mexico. Cozumel tourism pride and joy is the famed Palancar Reef, a world-renowned diving and snorkeling spot giving divers the opportunity to see lots of fascinating and colorful marine species. Para-sailing and kite boarding are other water activities are also available in the area. Visitors who are non-divers can just swim, roam, frolic in the beach or enjoy shopping and dining in open-air cafes and restaurants near the beach coastlines. Famous tourist destinations that you should check during your Cozumel travel are the Chankanaab National Park where you can swim with the dolphins; Sea Trek Cozumel which allows non-divers to experience the wonders in the deep sea; the Cozumel Pearl Farm where you can learn how pearls are grown and the Atlantis Submarine Cozumel that will bring you 100 feet underwater allowing the view of underwater wonders.

Cozumel tourism is on the rise with more tourists visiting inland attractions and engaging in activities like exploring the San Gervacio’s ancient Mayan ruins, leisure strolls in the Punta Sur Park and visiting the old Lighthouse. Lighthouse. Several cinemas, disco pubs, bars and restaurants in Central Cozumel offer vibrant night entertainment to visitors and locals. Cozumel has a rich cultural tradition manifested in their special events and annual carnival. One famous Cozumel event is the Festival of El Cedral which consists of feasts, fairs, bullfights, music and competitions that lasts for 5 days. If you like festivities, it’s best to plan your Cozumel travel and vacation during this festival so you can party and celebrate with the locals.

Serving visitors on the island are the numerous cafes and restaurants offering authentic Mexican food as well as the Cozumel hotels with world class dining facilities.The International Airport of Cozumel which is around 5 minutes’ drive from the downtown area handles flights to this famous tourist destination. The airport has direct flights to Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Denver, Dallas and Minneapolis and regional flights to other Mexico cities. If you are looking for Cozumel cheap airline tickets, get it easily and fast from Airlines Northwest. Mexican holidays and Cozumel vacations are made within reach for everyone only by Airlines Northwest’ special deals and discounts on Cozumel air fare and Cozumel accommodations. We offer fast and convenient bookings and reservations to any Cozumel hotels and give you access to Cozumel cheap airline ticket whether you are coming from within Mexico, in the US, Canada or anywhere in the world. We can also provide you with Cozumel budget travel and affordable Cozumel all inclusive vacation deals even at the last minute. Make your holidays wonderful and hassle free with Airlines Northwest.