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Ixtapa is located in the Pacific coast of the State of Guerrero, Mexico. It is a vacation resort planned by the government.  One of the new tourist destinations in Mexico, Ixtapa is home to some of the world’s most gorgeous beach resorts. The area, far from the bustling metropolis, is secluded and peaceful. With its beautiful coast and picturesque mountains, the stunning resort town of Ixtapa overwhelms visitors with fantastic beaches and world class amenities. Popular tourist activities in Ixtapa include snorkeling, diving, swimming, fishing, skydiving, exploring caves, and golfing. Ixtapa boasts of 2 international class golf courses, tennis courts, sports fishing sites and tours. The crystal clear water of Ixtapa is very conducive to swimming. The white-powdered beaches are wonderful places to rest and relax. Some areas have small waves or none at all which are great for kids.

There are some spots in the place where adults and children could swim with the dolphins. Ixtapa hotels and condominiums are generally high-rises. Most hotels are located along the beach including hotels owned by large hotel corporations. Also, surrounding the hills, golf courses and beaches in Ixtapa are other Ixtapa accommodation like condominiums, vacation rentals and exquisite luxury homes. Several beachfront Ixtapa hotels offer great view of the beach, the island, and the stunning beauty of the Pacific Ocean. If you want to save and to book cheap Ixtapa hotel book through Airlines Northwest. We have the most affordable choices on Ixtapa accommodation. In downtown Ixtapa, most of the shops and restaurants are located within the plaza area. So, you can just walk to visit these shops. The place also hosts both gourmet restaurants and small eateries.

Fresh sea foods are oftentimes part of the menu. Mobility in Ixtapa is not a problem. Many of the beaches are not far from downtown. You can take the numerous taxis and mini buses plying the place. Also, many Ixtapa car rentals are available. Booking affordable Ixtapa car rental is fast and easy with Airlines Northwest. You may travel to Ixtapa by air or bus. Serving Ixtapa is the Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo International Airport. Many flights coming from several places in the United States and Canada fly to this airport. Likewise, you may also reach Ixtapa thru Mexico City and other cities in Mexico. The warmth of Mexico’s people and its culture are visible and can be felt in Ixtapa. So if you are looking for an awesome holiday experience, have an Ixtapa vacation! Airlines Northwest can assist you in making your dream vacation to Ixtapa a reality. Affordable services handled by Airlines Northwest are bookings at any Ixtapa hotels, obtaining a cheap Ixtapa car rental rate; Ixtapa air travel deals and Ixtapa all inclusive vacation deals among others.