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The town of Los Cabos, Mexico, is the quickly becoming a top destination for tourists. Its location is unbelievable, where you would be able to find the desert and mountains combine with the azure waves of the Sea of Cortez. It is also offers a huge variety of thoroughly luxurious beach resort vacations. Los Cabos spas and resorts attract tourists from all over the world to visit its golden beaches and warm waters. Spas offer from pampering spa treatments to fitness centers and beachside yoga. Travelers are also keen to opt for other unique indulgences as part of their Los Cabos vacation, such as hot rock treatments and deep tissue massages. Even if these tropical paradise getaways were expensive, you would still want to go, but at the low prices, they are actually available at, you will want to go every chance you get. Basking beneath palm trees on a sunny, sandy beach, enjoying the fresh ocean breezes, swimming in turquoise waters - it never gets old.

For the Mexican government, Los Cabos is a very important source of revenue. The city's rapid development is due to the government's initiative to establish high end infrastructure to support the increasing traffic. In Los Cabos travel who seek refuge from their daily hectic lives, the city offers Stretches of golden beaches where you can soak in the grandeur of stunning coastal views spanning the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. Another one of the variety of Los Cabos activities you can enjoy is swimming with dolphins. These mammals are stunning as well as intelligent. You'll enjoy the satisfaction of getting to know one of them while being allowed to pet them. Explore the numerous shark fishing charters in the Baja peninsula, which offers you a kind of spine-chilling thrill. This is where you can come face-to-face with some truly dangerous shark species such as the hammer head shark. Los Cabos, whale watching is a must-do activity for nature and wildlife lovers.

 Bungee jumping or joining up for ATV tours and dirt biking is a great way to explore the rough terrains of Cabo, even for beginners. Try parasailing and absorb the beautiful views at Cabo San Lucas and the popular El Arco also known as Land's end, which is located at the extreme end of the Baja Peninsula. Other major attractions are mostly famous events like the annual Cabo Jazz Festival, the Marlin Tournament and Baja 1000 road racing event that covers over a thousand miles. When you are in Los Cabos, you never have to worry about accommodation because Airlines Northwest has easy finding and booking options. For a stress-free Los Cabos travel, contact Airlines Northwest. We make sure you’ll have an affordable and fun Los Cabos vacation!