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Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia and also on the top of the list for traveling destinations for its historical legacy and beauty. Considered as the oldest city of the country and the capital of New South Wales, Sydney has showcased all sorts of wonders including natural exquisiteness, architectural astonishments, tantalizing restaurants and exciting shopping hubs. Sydney is also known to set trends in various modern fields like design, fashion and cuisine. 

It is also well known for the special wild life so take the time to visit the Sydney Aquarium, Taronga Zoo, the Australian Reptile Park and the unique Koala Park Sanctuary. The species on display are unique and representative for the entire Australia. There is more than one reason to visit the Sydney. Its vibrant lifestyle and exotic nightlife are another allure to its guests. Some must-see places in the city are Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Sydney Mint, Chinatown, Sydney Town Hall, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Olympic Park, Luna Park and Australian museum. 

Another activity that you should definitely experience while in Sydney is eating out at the Sydney Harbor Beach. Home to some of the most varied activities that the city offers; the Sydney Harbor Beach is also the location for some of the best eateries in the city. The place is a miniature world cuisine site where you can get a taste of dishes from all around the world! The Sydney Opera House - An area favorite and one of the most popular attractions in Sydney. If you have the opportunity to take in a performance at the Opera House this will afford you the chance to see it all, if not then a walking tour will have to suffice. Either way make sure to check out this incredible structure so you can tell your friends all about it.

At the same time, Sydney is the home of a gamut of hotels, which are of different types as well as rates. The Sydney hotels have arranged an excellent accommodation for making everybody's stay comfortable as well as luxurious. Now the question is how you will get all details about Sydney hotels. Interestingly, with the benediction of World Wide Web, most of these hotels have come up with their own websites offering online hotel reservation facility as well. Besides, you will get testimonials as well as reviews of these hotels from Airlines northwest, which will help you to opt for a better option. 

You can get your Sydney car rental service from Airlines northwest. There is huge information about Sydney car rental here that can help you a lot. With these attractions planned, a trip to Sydney promises to remember a holiday that will make you smile with the happy memories always!