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Being one of China's most famous city, Shanghai is actually a very modern part of the country. Shanghai is known to many as the money center. In the past few years, several developmental projects have taken place in Shanghai, giving it the status of one of China's most modern cities. . Shanghai has developed as a commercial center of China. Shanghai tours are a must for any foreign tourist wanting to explore the history and culture of China. The city has everything from highways, to hotels, high-rise buildings etc. if that's not all, with all the development that has taken place, Shanghai hasn't seem to have lost its traditional roots. This is what makes it the perfect destination for a vacation.

There are lots of things to see in Shanghai as well as there are many attractions for visitors. Some of the attractions include monasteries and temples. One of the popular edifices is called the Jade Buddha Temple, which has the Jade Buddha inside the hall of this facility. The city is full of gardens built by the old dynasties of Qing, Song, Yuan, and Tang. More modern construction includes the world-famous Oriental Pearl TV tower. These places are some of the most famous places in Shanghai, and any tour without a visit to these places is incomplete.

If you want to admire some amazing architecture, the Bund has some of the most impressive colonial structures you'll ever see. The place is the best way to see what Shanghai was like in the past. It lets you know what Shanghai was like before all the development took place in the city. Jin Mao Towers is another tourist destination that is famous amongst all those who visit the city on Shanghai tours. This tower gives you an amazing view of the entire city from the top of it. The tower is not only for enjoying the Ariel view; it has accommodation as well. If you are bringing children on the tour, they would like to see the Shanghai Children's Palace. It has plenty of activities for children including dance, art, music and computers. Other attractions of Shanghai tours include the People's Square. The People's Square has a large area of green space along with large trees surrounding it. Plus, there is a fountain the plays music along with a Bird and Flower Market. At this market, people and tourists alike can buy fish, plants and birds.

Tourists who would like to opt for the Shanghai travel arranged by travel agents should necessarily include above places of a special importance, without which their tours will be considered incomplete. For such booking option you can go to Airlines Northwest and they have numerous services including Shanghai travel and Shanghai hotels. The number of tourists increases every year because of what the city has to offer. There are many Shanghai hotels that are in walking distance from any area of this city that you would visit. The experience would be one if you make your tour by the help of Airlines Northwest.