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Columbus is the capital city of Ohio. This city is located in the heart of the State and is cultural center in the region thanks to the diversity of its population from the Native American tribes and folks with European, Asian and South American heritage. The City of Columbus is the 15th largest city in the US. It is also home to the Ohio State University, the largest campus in the country in terms of population. This city is also great for business, and many companies listed in the Fortune Top 500 List makes Columbus their headquarters. Port Columbus International Airport is the main airport in the city.

It serves most domestic and international flights. For affordable airplane tickets going to Columbus, it is best to book your tickets at Airlines Northwest. A taxi ride from the airport going to downtown Columbus is only around 10 minutes but it can be expensive at around 25 dollars a trip. Having a car rental can be cheaper and most Columbus car rental services can take you to other parts of the city and even to nearby towns. Columbus car rental are also a good alternative to public transport. You can drive your rented car to go to your  hotel, or going to top tourist spots and even to your business contacts and prospects. People who prefer cheap US car rental services over taxi cabs will be delighted to know that parking spaces in Columbus is extensive and it is very easy to find a parking space even in downtown Columbus and around top tourist destinations.

Parking fee in this city is also cheap. Just keep note of traffic signs and rules for the traffic enforcers in the city are very strict, however they are very polite and helpful to tourists who are asking for directions. Columbus attracts millions of tourists every year. Most of this tourist flock the city’s famous festivals like the Columbus Art Festival, the German Village Oktoberfest, and the Columbus Community Festival. Tourists are also treated with educational tours in different factories like in the Krema Nut Factory, the oldest peanut butter factory in the US, and the Graeters’s Ice Cream Factory. For affordable Columbus hotels accommodations and cheap Columbus airplane tickets check out the services here in Airlines Northwest. We also offer the best rates for Columbus car rental. Contact us now and we will be happy to make the most affordable Columbus all inclusive Holiday Package for you and your family.