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Washington D.C. is the capital of USA. The people have a great fascination about this city. It is one of the busiest and important cities in the world for many aspects. The term D.C. here defines District of Columbia. An interesting fact about this city is, it does not include to any state or it not a state either itself. It is actually a place situated in between two states Maryland and Virginia. These two states donated some of the lands to form this city. The United States parliament called Congress is located in Washington D.C. It also consist some other important structures of the country.

One of the popular ways to travel Washington D.C. is ‘Open Top Big Bus Tour’. This is all fun especially when you are exploring the city with a gang. The double Decker bus will not have any shade on the top deck. You got to buy tickets to facilitate such amazing experience. Beside this, the city has got a long of skyscrapers, monuments, museums and buildings. After New York, this is the second best tourism city in USA. You will immerse yourself with the most authentic American experience in this city. The monuments and buildings with modernized architecture will amaze you all the way.  

Being the capital city of USA, Washington D.C. gets visit from all the important persons, businessmen from all over the world. Thus the hotels will be luxurious as well as secured. The Washington DC hotels are full of modern equipments. You can expect the hotels are rich in technology as well. The hotels usually offer full time room service, amenities, fitness center, indoor games etc. The Airlines Northwest has a complete guidance over the Washington DC tour.

The Washington DC car rental companies do not only rent cars, but also helps you to make a plan to the city. They consider tourists as the potential and thus serve such services. Their well researched travel guides will let you know about all the DO’s and DON’Ts while visiting the city. Booking online is a One-Click process to rent car in advance. Even some companies provide the service right from the airport.

 If you are fussy enough about the Washington DC hotels and Washington DC car rental services, you can always contact Airlines Northwest for help. They are always happy to help you to get a better service.