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Vancouver is the major city in the province of British Columbia. This is considered to be an important costal seaport of Canada. One of the most recent surveys conducted in 2012 suggests this city as one of the top 3 preferable area to live. It’s been among the 10 most livable cities for five consecutive years. The climate, environment, natural resources made this city target of large population to come here and be permanent resident. Canada has the reputation of being the most diverse city in the world thus accessibility and getting tourist visa is the easiest process. The University of British Columbia is a top ranked and decent place to grab an academic degree from.

There are numerous modern buildings in the downtown of the city. The commercial building British Empire, Harbor center are not only tallest in the city, but have economic importance of the country. Vancouver’s transportation system has been developed quite a bit in the last decade. Especially the train transportation system, Sky Train is a comfortable way for tourists to explore the city. The rain and comfortable winter (better than many other cities in Canada) attract tourists the most. The Stanley Park, Canada place, Grouse Mountain is some of the places tourist never misses out. Stanley Park is located at the heart of the city and an excellent place for biking and strolling. The Canada Place consist some of the major center and shopping malls. This place holds a hectic number of tourists all the year long. The Grouse Mountain has all the things in it. You can have your major meals, skiing, hiking, biking etc only at Grouse Mountain. In nights, the city Vancouver is even better with dazzling lights, pubs and night clubs.

These are some special places for tourists. But you have many other things to take from this city. You just visit the city once and you have to love the way things are going here. It is one of best place to visit and along with family it is even better. Being a popular tourist spot, Vancouver is always full of modern hotels and restaurants. The Vancouver hotels offer all latest facilities and amenities. Whether you are coming for business deal or making fun, Vancouver hotels are there for a happy stay. The hotel management can guide you to find the best places to visit. The Airlines Northwest has proper guidance to make you feel comfortable about the city.

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