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Florida (FL) is an important city in USA and Jacksonville is the most populous city in that state. The city is hot during summers and mild in winter, thus having a friendly weather for tourists. The panorama view in downtown is an additional attraction with some of the tallest buildings, bridges and blue sky. You can only visit the city to experience the largest urban park of the country. Jacksonville is a place of full of entertainments. The city has numerous numbers of performing arts club, theater, Cinema hall and so on. Thus all kinds of entertainment are available thinking about the demand of tourists. The Sun-Ray cinema, Ritz Theater was established before 1930s. They are still running with reputation being one of the common entertaining places in the city.

The zoo and museum are places to be visited. The zoo features animals like Lion, Giraffe and Jaguar. The museums are equipped with original manuscript and documents which are rare and obsolete to find. The tourists can resist themselves without having souvenir when they visit a new place. The shopping places can get you some of the beautiful gifts. The Jacksonville city has couple of shopping malls which are old and fully enclosed. Talking about sports, the city has a decent football team that plays in National Football League. The seaport of the city is one of the major components in country’s economy. St. Augustine, An hour to the south of Jacksonville is America's oldest city. In St. Augustine you can take a trolley ride through town and learn all about the history of the city. You can exit the trolley whenever you want to visit specific sites and then catch the next trolley to continue the tour. The city has a nickname “The river city”. You can predict some rivers going through the city and the bridges connect one part to another. The Acosta Bridge, Main St Bridge, Dames Point Bridge has made possible a preferable bus transportation system in the city.

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