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Japan is a small beautiful country primarily well known for technology and culture. However, as this small country is situated in North East Asia between the North Pacific and the Sea of Japan, so Japan is full of scenic beauty. There are lots of natural beauties to enjoy here. There are many tourist attractions in Japan, such as temples, shrines, gardens, castles, historic districts, open air museums, hot springs, cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, winter sports and festivals. Japan is a country with a rich, endearing history, tranquility and excitement all at the same time.

So why not visit this amazing country and its places? The Akan National Park is one of the many parks you can go to. It is wonderful. It is situated in eastern Hokkaido. It has three lakes. Around one of the lake, there are volcanoes. You can visit the Shukkei-en Gatden. The pools and streams in the garden draw their water from the Ota. Just like any other Asian country, you are bound to a great cultural heritage in Japan. Though, every part of Japan has something unique as compared to others, but when it comes to most visited cities in Japan travel then two cities that top the list are Tokyo and Kyoto. While in Japan, you are advised to see Tokyo attractions, as this beautiful city is a home for approximately twelve million residents. Now it is one of the most modern cities in the world, but before 1868 it was known as Edo, which was famous for castles. You can visit shrines and temples like Sensoji Temple and Yasukuni Shrine, gardens and parks like Hama Rikyu, Ueno Park or go to Tokyo Tower, a 333 meter tall symbol of Tokyo. There are always festivals and events like the Tokyo Anime Fair or the Tokyo Marathon. The best places in Japan are Nikko, where Ieyasu's mausoleum is, and Kamakura, a small city full of historic treasures. Everybody should take a Japan Tour and see how wonderful it is. If you are looking for Japan sites to see that will make your trip much more memorable, must visit- Kamakura, Miyajima Shrine, Ichinoboh Onsen, Tokyo Imperial Palace East Garden,  National Bunraku Theater,

There is so much to see and explore in your Japan vacation. Sightseeing is satisfying with someone who knows the area and what it offers. Public transportation is readily-available in most of the larger cities with trains, buses and taxis providing the primary source of public transportation in these locations. Visit Airlines Northwest to get more and the latest on Japan vacation and Japan travel information. From every country you can easily book an air ticket from Airlines Northwest online. So depending upon your preference you can choose one that interests you the most.