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Dallas is the third largest city in the State of Texas. This city is known for its modern architecture, huge shopping areas and its residents’ love for professional sports. The city of Dallas is not your typical Texas town. Life here is more modern and fast paced as compared to the more laid back lifestyle of most Texas towns. Downtown Dallas is where the action is, and where you can find the largest malls, business centers and popular Dallas hotels. The Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, a giant metropolitan area, is located at the city’s North Central district. Most of the buildings in the Metroplex are modern and are made to be used as offices, restaurants, shops and residential areas. South Dallas is the area where most of the museums are located. You can also find the Texas State Fairgrounds here and so does the Exposition Park. For sports fans, your Dallas vacation will not be complete without watching some football and basketball action.

The Dallas Maverick’s home court is the American Airlines Arena and is just in Downtown Dallas while the Dallas Cowboys play at the Cowboys Stadium in nearby Arlington. Dallas has great climate, being in the American South, Dallas is generally dry whole year round. The Dallas weather is perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, horseback riding and biking. Dallas is served by two airports. The Dallas - Fort Worth International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. This is also the main hub of American Airlines. Most domestic and international flights use this airport. The other airport is called the Love Field Airport and is being used mostly by Southwest Airlines.

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