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Odessa, Ukraine is a great city for vacation. Sunny beaches, scenic forests, soaring mountains, health retreats, ski resorts, historic spots, and stunning architecture - it seems to have everything that a traveler might want. This Eastern European nation, the second largest in Europe and strategically situated inside crossroads in between Asia and Europe, indeed offers a variety of vacation destinations. In the southern portion, one finds the Crimean peninsula, a world-renowned relaxation haven. Household to charming beach resorts and popular health-and-wellness centers, it truly is where Russia's previous leaders (Breshnez, Stalin, Krushnev, etc.) went to unwind and rejuvenate. The existence of the theater in the city of Odessa began from the first days of the city's foundation. The Opera & Ballet Theater is entitled to be called the elder among a great number of cultural institutions. Odessa strived for the right of building the theater in 1804, and in 1809 it was already built. On the10th of February 1810 the first performance took place - the Russian troupe by Fortunatov staged a one -act opera by Fralih "A New Family" and a vaudeville "A Consolating Widow". The Theater itself is interesting not only by us architecture, but by its rich creative biography. The great merit in the development of musical culture in the south of our country belongs, to this theater.

Are you on the prowl for an outdoor adventure vacation? Then the Carpathian Mountains are for you! It basically goes through several countries such as Ukraine, is another preferred tourist attraction. Known as the "Green Pearl" of Ukraine, the Carpathians are lush with forests, rivers and mountain streams, Alpine meadows, and serene mountain scenery.  Getting there is easy and affordable. The Ukrainian rail will get you there from just about any major city. Once you've arrived, you can choose from one of the many resorts that dot the mountains. What's your favorite activity? Hiking is a very popular pastime in the area, so don't forget to pick up one of the easily available topographical maps. Rafting? The Prut River and the Bistrita River run through the Carpathians and there a number of guided rafting trips available. If cycling is your thing, there are a number of great spots to hop on and ride. With an abundance of both paved and unpaved roads, you won't have any problem renting either a road or trail bike and exploring to your heart's content! Whether you choose just one or both of these destinations, you are sure to return with a more memorable experience of your Odessa vacations

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